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Lockdown has got us all finding little bits of happiness wherever we can.

So it’s no surprise that Google searches for ‘house plant’ have shot up in the last few months.

Between February and April monthly searches for the term increased by a massive 84 per cent, jumping from 360,080 monthly searches to 663,980 monthly searches.

And with house plants’ abilities to improve air quality and help towards a feeling of calm, it’s no surprise that their sales have jumped during lockdown.

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So kitchenware retailer Tap Warehouse has revealed the most popular houseplants in different places across the country.

And it turns out that the lucky Bamboo plant has topped the list if popular plants.

With a reputation for bringing luck in wealth, happiness and a long life, the coronavirus lockdown seems like the perfect time to bring one into the house.

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Explaining how to best look after the plant, the research said, ‘These plants are incredibly thirsty but also vulnerable to overwatering so you should lightly mist the leaves with a spray bottle every couple of days.

‘If the plant has small leaves, keep it in a warm room but if it has large leaves, keep it in a cool room’.

Other great plants that made the list were the String of Pearls, Devil’s Ivy and Aloe Vera Plant (we even love artificial versions of this calming plant as they're so pretty).

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String of pearls like bright indirect light,’ they said. ‘They are very sensitive to overwatering so you should only water them once every fortnight’.

Adding of Devil’s Ivy, they said, ‘these beautiful trailing plants perform best when in a hanging pot or on a high shelf.

‘They prefer to live in direct-light conditions and require liberal water’.

‘Water your Aloe Vera plant every three weeks,’ they added, ‘and place it in bright, indirect sunlight or artificial light’.

House plants to brighten up your home during lockdown

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