No Bake Cheesecake Recipes

No bake cheesecake recipes are so easy to make, including no bake strawberry cheesecake, passion fruit cheesecake and simple lime cheesecake

No bake cheesecake recipes are so easy to follow and make the perfect dessert for a weekend barbecue, picnic or dinner party. We have all your favourite recipes like strawberry cheesecake, lime cheesecake and plenty more, as well as some more unique flavour combinations that the whole family will love like mascarpone cheesecake with bananas and butterscotch sauce and yuzu and tofu Japanese cheesecake.

No bake cheesecakes are really creamy and light and are the perfect way to finish off a nice meal. You can make a no bake cheesecake that serves a big group if you’re entertaining, or individual serving ones for as many people as you need!

Our strawberry cheesecake with strawberry sauce recipe (pictured) is a real classic and is a great recipe to make in the summer when strawberries are in season. Decorating it with plenty of sliced strawberries makes it not only look really elegant but also adds a real summer feel to it. 
You can also quite easily make individual serving cheesecakes which you might think are quite fiddly to make, but are actually really simple. They’re great to serve up at a dinner party, but it does mean you’ll have a little more washing up to get on with after everyone has left! 
For a centrepiece cheesecake, especially around Christmas time, you should give our nougat cheesecake a go – it’s really stunning decorated with the reindeer cake toppers, and the best part is it only takes 20 minutes to prepare. Most no-bake cheesecakes are super easy to make and the prep time is never very long – it’s mainly the chilling that takes longest. 
The thing about no-bake cheesecakes is giving them enough time to chill properly before serving as if you do this prematurely you’ll potentially end up with a collapsed cheesecake. Ideally you will leave it to chill overnight in the fridge, which means that you have to have a little forethought with a no-bake cheesecake, but it really is worth doing, as there’s nothing quite like serving up a beautiful cheesecake to friends and family. 
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