Why your weekly shop at Waitrose and Co-op is going to be cheaper in the run up to Christmas

Waitrose and Co-op are passing on savings to customers who buy from this range...

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Want to save money without even trying? Yes please!

Your weekly shop at Waitrose and the Co-op is set to get cheaper in the run up to Christmas. And with Christmas Markets hanging in the balance, its great news that supermarket chains have slashed their prices.

The cost of hundreds of essential items will be cut this week as they compete for customers ahead of the festive season and to minimise the impact of the world health crisis.

But that's great news if you're looking to make a extra savings - aside from the Best Black Friday deals - to help your money stretch a little further.

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So what's the deal? Well, Waitrose is reducing prices of more than 200 of its basic own-label products. These include beef mince, tea and washing-up-liquid which will all be an average of more than 15% cheaper.

Meanwhile the Co-op is dropping the prices of over 300 branded and own-label store-cupboard staples. Among the good included are rice, pasta and coffee - with prices reduced by almost 15% on average.

Inn addition, the Co-op is also launching a new low-price range for shoppers on a budget. Called the "Honest Value", this range willinclude 50 items, such as British meat, soft drinks, fruit and vegetables.

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Waitrose and the Co-op are UK’s sixth and eighth largest supermarkets respectively. They are lowering their prices after their bigger rivals started cutting the cost of shopping for their customers.

And now people's finances have been hit by the impact of Covid-19, even more shoppers are looking for a bargain for their food recipes!

Elsewhere, Tesco launched an “Aldi Price Match” guarantee in March. Sainsbury's said it was cutting the prices of 1,000 products, Asda said it would put £100m into lowering prices and Morrisons said it was cutting prices on 400 items in September by an average of 23%.

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So now shoppers will be able to add to growing their savings the easy way - bysaving more on their groceries in the run up to Christmas. Now that's an early Christmas gift right there!

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