It's National Popcorn Day! These movie theaters are offering popcorn discounts & freebies

Discounted popcorn on National Popcorn Day? It's a buttery and delicious deal!

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Today, January 19 is National Popcorn Day! Here are all of the movie theaters offering popcorn discounts and freebies today. 

There's nothing like stepping into the movie theater and taking in the addictive aroma of buttery popcorn. Seriously, it's an absolute must to get a bag of popcorn before seeing a movie — we don't make the rules. 

And since today, January 19, is National Popcorn Day (yes, it's a real holiday!), certain movie theaters across the country are offering some sweet deals on popcorn to celebrate the nostalgic movie snack. Because honestly, who wants to make popcorn in an air fryer or microwave at home? It's just not as good. 

Read below to find out which theaters are participating.

Where can I get free popcorn on National Popcorn Day?

AMC Theaters

AMC theaters across America are offering 50% off all popcorn purchases for today only. However, if you're an AMC Stubs member, you get free, large popcorn refills all the time — which pretty much makes every day National Popcorn Day for those people. 

"National Popcorn Day is next Thursday 1/19! We're celebrating with 50% off our delicious buttery popcorn," AMC posted to their Instagram.

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Cinemark Theaters

Cinemark Theaters is offering guests a chance to win a free large popcorn today, just by entering through a giveaway link, according to their Instagram. but, if you don't win the giveaway, no need to worry - they're still offering 50% off all popcorn purchases all day long. 

"THIS THURSDAY, 1/19, celebrate National Popcorn Day with us! Large 🍿 are 50% ALLLLLL DAY 👏👏👏," the Cinemark account posted. 

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Marcus Theaters and Movie Tavern

Both Marcus Theaters and Movie Tavern, who are run by the same company, will be offering a free (that's right, free) complimentary size popcorn per person for today only at all locations. "Here's what's poppin at Marcus Theatres on January 19 for National Popcorn Day!" the cinema chain posted to their socials.


Regal is doing a 50% off popcorn deal for National Popcorn Day. "On January 19, National Popcorn Day gives this mainstay of theatre snacking the recognition it deserves. To celebrate, we’re taking 50% off the price of all Regal popcorn for the holiday. Go get the biggest, most buttery bucket of popcorn you can — for half price — in honor of popcorn for making the movies even better," their website says.

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Landmark Theaters

Landmark Theaters is offering a buy one, get one free popcorn deal - but they're going to make you work for it. If you show any cashier this image on their website (opens in new tab), they'll award you one free popcorn with the purchase of another popcorn. 

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If those deals don't get you excited to go to the movies, we don't know what will. And with so many great movies out in theaters right now, like Babylon, The Fabelmans, M3GAN, The Whale (starring Golden Globe nominee Brendan Fraser), and much, much more, there's no reason to not go grab a bag of popcorn (with as much or as little butter as your like) and take a few hours to relax. 

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