The New Trend Saying Peekaboo to Sleeves and Goodbye to Bingo Wings!

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  • Discover the new trend that means we can all have a stylish summer, without exposing problem arms...

    Do you love summer but dread the moment you have to make the choice between pretty clothes and covering up those unsightly bingo wings? Rejoice as the fashion industry is listening to real women for the first time.

    Long sleeve tops and dresses with sleeves might be winter staples, but how can we cover problem arms when the weather heats up? A new trend for ‘peekaboo’ sleeves means we can all have the best of both worlds. From pretty lace dresses, to perforated long sleeve tops, the high street is full of flattering styles that will see you through the season.

    The great thing about longer sleeves is that they can conceal those tricky areas while still being bang on trend this season. And if the weather takes a turn for the worst (as it’s wont to do) then you can still layer up with a pretty cardigan or blazer, as these clever sleeves are light and airy rather than uncomfortable and bulky. It’s the ultimate summer must-have fashion buy!

    Whether you’ve got a summer wedding to go to or just want a stylish outfit for work, we’ve scoured the shops to find the best ‘peekaboo’ pieces that will flatter and impress. From pretty lace and embroidered dresses to chic jumpers and tailored jumpsuits, there’s something for everyone and every occasion. With the right shoes and accessories, these gorgeous buys are easy to dress down or up.

    Are you ready to give your summer wardrobe a stylish upgrade? Ditch the baggy sleeves and too-hot dresses and jump on board the ‘peekaboo’ sleeve trend instead! Ready to fill your shopping cart with pretty pastels and midnight hues to build a wardrobe full of flattering long sleeve tops, knitwear, outerwear and dresses? Click through our gallery for our favourite pieces on the high street…

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