The Best High Street Wedding Dresses

High street wedding dresses don't have to equal cheap, see our edit of the stunning gowns that don't cost a fortune...

£24,000. The cost of a gorgeous new car, and now, the average price of a
wedding in the UK. With venue hire, catering and decorations, those
prices can soon mount up.

But there’s one thing you can
definitely save on this season – the dress. Even though the average
price of wedding dress in the UK is £1,385, there are still ways to get a
gorgeous gown for your ‘budget’ wedding without having to go second
hand. From vintage styles to thoroughly modern cuts, every high street
is suddenly awash with styles to suit every taste, size and budget.

a wedding dress at any time of life can be incredibly overwhelming – it
is the moment a lot of us have dreamt about from a young age, and style
is something you shouldn’t have to compromise on. Thankfully, the
gorgeous options available mean you can find your perfect dress for for a
fraction of the average price tag.

We’ve noticed a distinct lack
of strapless gowns in recent years, and an increase in sleeves made of
stunning lace and embellishment. Vintage styles are also making a

Flick through for stunning high street gowns that will make any bride feel like a princess for the day…

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