The Best Bras For Every Occasion

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  • Is your underwear drawer complete? Chances are it could do with a spruce, so we've put together the definitive guide to bras that every woman should own...

    You there – it’s time to chuck out that old bra for good! If you have a drawer full of beautiful bras but turn to the same two or three styles time and time again (and let’s face it, we all do) a refresh will do you the world of good. Not only does a great bra look so much better on your outfit, it can take inches off – you’ll finally be standing up straight!

    Most women don’t wear the correct size (we all know that) but also; women are choosing the wrong styles, and wearing them under outfits that they’re just not made for. Honestly – how many times have you paired a black bra with a white T-shirt, or shown off your straps in a bandeau dress?
    Of course, even if you pick an ideal style, no bra is perfect unless you get it fitted correctly. It’s a good idea to measure yourself at home so you have some idea of your size, but always get a professional bra fitter to check before you buy a new bra. There’s nothing worse than finding out after a wash or two that you picked up the wrong size and it just doesn’t give you the lift you deserve.

    Do you spend your days counting down the hours until you can take your bra off? You’re not alone, but a new breed of comfort bras are made from soft materials. And the best part? They’re actually stylish!