This Marks & Spencer Purse Looks Exactly Like A £280 Mulberry Version

marks and spencer
marks and spencer
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Who doesn't love a good bargain copy of a designer item? Finding a high-street item that looks strikingly similar to a far more expensive designer version always feels like a shopping victory, and we're here to bring you your latest fashion steal.

If you're looking for a purse upgrade (who isn't?), we've got just the one for you.

Good old Marks and Spencer have recently released a stunning brown leather wallet in their new collection, and some clever fashion fans have noticed that the item looks suspiciously similar to one Mulberry offer.

The similarities between M&S's leather-lock purse, and Mulberry's Darley leather wallet are clear to see. They're both almost an identical colour, and M&S's choice mimics Mulberry's golden clasp too.

But the one big difference? The price, of course!

Marks and Sparks' budget buy costs a lovely £29.50 - the perfect price for an investment purse that's guaranteed to see you through a myriad of receipts and the continual 'throwing it into the bag' scenario.

Buy the Leather Round Lock Purse with CardSafefor £29.50 here

Whereas Mulberry's purse costs a whopping £290 - almost 10 times the price of the high-street version.

Buy Mulberry's Medium Leather Darley Wallet for £280 here

Although the Marks & Spencer wallet is cheaper, it certainly won't mean that you'll need to compromise on quality.

M&S are well known for their long-lasting products, so even though you'll be bagging yourself a bargain AND saving money, you'll still be grabbing yourself a great, lasting item.

Shoppers have already flocked to the Marks and Sparks website to praise the item.

One fan wrote on the retailer's site that the wallet looks far more expensive than it is, saying "The purse was very reasonably priced and does look a lot more expensive than the original price.", while another praised it for its quality. "Very pleased extremely good value and good quality product."

And for all those concerned with the practicalities of a purse, you can rest assured that this Marks & Spencer find provides for all your money-storing needs too.

One buyer noted how the purse had plenty of room for all of your cash and coins, saying "Hard wearing. Plenty of card slots. Zipped coin section is sufficiently spacious", while the retailer themselves have fitted the leather wallet with a Cardsafe section.

This means that your cards are protected from anyone who might be trying to nab payments from your contactless card remotely without you knowing.

So what are you waiting for? Get this one before it's gone!

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