Princess Diana most iconic jumpers to be re-released online

Princess Diana's most iconic jumpers have been re-released after clothing company teams up with original designers.

Princess Diana
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The like-for-like jumpers are perfect for autumn

Princess Diana is still in the hearts of fashion brands everywhere - and 23 years after her death a much-loved celebrity clothing firm has teamed up with the original designers of some of her most iconic jumpers to make them available this autumn.

New York-based label Rowing Blazers has launched a collection inspired by Diana's looks, as featured in The Crown's upcoming fourth season.

But it's not just her jumpers which are making a comeback - Diana's biker shorts and double-breasted tweed blazers have also proved popular.

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It's designed by London's Warm & Wonderful and the 'I'm a Luxury' slogan jumper by Gyles & George will each set you back approximately £225 ($295).


When did Diana wear the sheep jumper?

The sheep sweater, designed by Joanna Osborne and Sally Muir's Warm and Wonderful, was worn by Diana in 1983 when she attended a polo match at Smith's Lawn polo Club in Windsor.

The bold red jumper is understood to have been a gift from themother of one of the princess's page boys at her wedding to Prince Charles in 1981.

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Meanwhile the slogan jumper which reads I'm A Luxury, was worn by the princess in the late '80s - with one snap showing Diana wearing the garment while on a swing with her sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

Joanna Osborne, the co-designer of Warm & Wonderful, told Harpers Bazaar, 'Princess Diana is enduringly fascinating. She still feels very contemporary, and people’s interest in her and her family is as strong as ever. Even after so many years, she is still exerting a strong influence on fashion with her own stylish combination of independence, kindness, and glamour.'

Meanwhile Gyles Brandreth, of Gyles & George, delighted but not totally surprised after seeing the royal in one of his designs. 'Having met her, I knew she was somebody who had fun and liked to laugh. I think she appreciated the wit of the jumpers; the colours, the look, the style,' he added.

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