This expert recommended Zara hack could save you money *if* you're going on holiday soon

There is a money saving Zara hack that is perfect for those who are planning to travel to Europe this summer and want to save some cash

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There is a money-saving Zara hack that is currently exciting shoppers who love Zara but are also trying to save a little bit of cash this summer.

If you're a Zara lover, you'll have most likely heard of the Zara sizing hack that impressed shoppers last year, along with the viral Zara website hack that has totally changed the game when it comes to online shopping.

However, there is a new hack that makes shopping at Zara just a little bit cheaper. Unfortunately, it only works if you already have a trip to Europe planned. But for some jet setters with summer holidays planned in Europe, this is a key time to take advantage of this hack!


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Money saving expert, Martin Lewis, wrote in a newly updated blog post that the best way for shoppers to save money at Zara is to take advantage of the price gap between Zara in European countries such as Spain and the UK. 

"If you're one of the millions planning a trip to Spain at some point this summer, stop shopping at Zara right now," said Martin. "The giant Spanish fashion brand sells clothes in its native country far cheaper than here, so wait until you get there if you're planning on buying something. It's also usually cheaper, though not as much of a difference, in other countries where you pay in euros too."

For those who are unclear, the UK and US website is far pricer that the Spanish website. Martin claimed, "the price difference is enormous. The pound price is often higher than the euro price before you even convert the currency (which further cheapens the euro price)."

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Sadly the only way to actually take advantage of this saving hack is to actually go to Spain and buy the clothing there, Martin explained that UK and US shoppers cannot buy from the cheaper Spanish website - but there is still a good use for it.

"And while you can't get English delivery from its Spanish website, the big boon is it gives you the option to select 'English' as the language – and the websites in other countries are almost identical – so you can easily browse in advance for pricing research purposes," said Martin.

The expert also added that this hack applies to other similar brands in the same group such as Pull & Bear, Bershka, and Massimo Dutti. This means this money saving Zara hack can actually be used on a variety of brands if you just wait to shop until you're on holiday - and remember to leave enough room in your suitcase to bring your haul back!

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