Best reusable face masks: these super stylish picks are still in stock

The UK government has updated advice about wearing face masks and they now will be compulsory in shops and supermarkets.

Welcome to woman&home’s online shopping guides, where we reveal where to buy the most popular and top-rated products. This guide is about where to buy PPE masks online, but you may also be interested in our edits of lightweight summer sleepwear, stylish picnic essentials, and flattering swimwear styles for every shape.

Wondering where you can buy reusable face masks? These are the high street face masks that haven’t sold out just yet.

In these testing times, we’ve all been doing what we can to help ourselves feel better – whether that be picking up the best loungewear for working from home, or treating ourselves to the best beauty products for self-isolation.

But some people, and companies, have been going above and beyond to help others.

Pretty much every business has been facing tough times the past few months, including the fashion industry. But fashion has been playing its role in helping during the coronavirus pandemic – from making large financial and equipment donations to hospitals and charities, to using their own supply chain to produce PPE for the frontline staff.

And this has included businesses – including fashion businesses – starting to make their own reusable masks, in order to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Wearing a face mask is now advised by the UK government, to stop the spread of coronavirus – but should I wear a mask to go shopping? The government has revealed that it is now mandatory to wear them on public transport, to prevent to spread, as well as in shops and supermarkets.

It is important to use a face mask properly, washing your hands before putting them on and taking them off.

So if you’re on the hunt for a reusable face mask, it could be helpful to check out our list of retailers that are still selling them…

Where can I buy reusable face masks in the UK?

Last week designer and celebrity Pearl Lowe introduced beautiful Liberty print face masks into her collection but they are selling out fast! The pretty, double lined masks are hand made in Somerset by local seamstresses, and with each silk Liberty Print mask you purchase, £5 will be donated to the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust.

There are plenty of other brands also selling reusable face masks. They include:

Kate and Vicky, founders of fashion brand Paisie, a regular on our fashion editorials, said, “When the lockdown began for us, we decided that we would like to use our design skills to help slow down the spread of the virus.

“We started to make our non-surgical masks as a way to help our communities and to say thank you to our customers for their continued support during these difficult times.”

The below reusable face masks are non-medical, so are not guaranteed to stop the spread of coronavirus.

There are also a few gorgeous Liberty print face masks available in the list below – which are super stylish and make wearing a mask that little bit easier.

Are face masks washable?

Yes and no. If you buy the below material/cotton masks, many are washable, with some (such as Lavender Hill’s) machine washable.

However, if you are wearing a paper mask, it is not advised to wash them as they will likely disintegrate – they are only intended to wear for one use.

It’s advisable to wash your material mask after every usage, to avoid contamination. If the item’s description and retailer allows, wash on as high a cycle as possible to rid the item of any lingering germs. However, some face masks are made of more delicate material, so will need to be hand-washed. Make sure to always check the item description.

Remember however that while face masks can help to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (find out how to book a COVID-19 test here), by shielding people with symptoms from healthy people, it is still vital to self-isolate if you do have symptoms. If you suspect you may have coronavirus symptoms, find out how to book a COVID-19 test.

When do you have to wear a face mask?

Babylon Health’s general practitioner, Dr. Claudia Pastides, explained that it is helpful to wear face masks in confined spaces.

She explained, “We know from studies that up to 80% of people with COVID-19 don’t have symptoms and 40%-80% of infections are transmitted by people without symptoms. So, the idea is that if we all wore face coverings when in small shops, on public transport or in other enclosed spaces – we’d be less likely to spread the virus unknowingly.”

She also reassured that wearing them outside – such as for exercising or walking your dog – is not as necessary. Dr Claudia said, “The risk of spreading COVID-19 is higher when indoors and in an enclosed space, than when outdoors. If you’re exercising alone, with members of your household or keeping 2 metres between yourself and others, you shouldn’t need to wear a face covering. But please respect local government guidance, as it may vary.”

If you are out and about and find yourself needing to take your face mask off without being at home to wash your hands, Dr Claudia advised that you take extra precautions.

“If you remember to always carry a spare face covering, a plastic bag and some alcohol gel with you – then you can safely and easily put on another one,” she said. “Put your used mask in the plastic bag. Wash your hands with alcohol gel. Then put your spare mask on.”

How to stop glasses steaming up when wearing a mask

If you’re a glasses-wearer, you may be becoming familiar with the fact that sometimes, wearing a mask means that you can’t actually see all that well!

If your mask is causing your glasses to fog up, never fear though, because there is a solution.

Dr. Claudia Pastides explained, “To avoid your glasses fogging up every time you breathe out, make sure the upper part of your mask comes up as high as possible, under your eyes, and rest your glasses on top.

“Research carried out to find a solution for spectacle-wearing surgeons also found that dipping your glasses in soapy water and leaving them to dry with a soapy film on the lenses reduces the fogginess.”


Charity face masks UK

Many of the brands with masks available are not profiting entirely from all of the sales – instead, many are donating to charities and to the NHS with the proceeds.

For example, the Brora Liberty face mask will donate £10 of each of their £19 face masks to the NHS Charities Together. And, with each purchase of Pearl Lowe’s face mask, £5 will also be donated to the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust.

Similarly, some brands are donating many of their masks to those in need. If you buy a Lavender Hill mask pack, they will donate a pack to the Katherine Low Settlement in Battersea.

Reusable face masks made in the UK

While many face masks are made abroad, in places like Portugal, some of them are actually made right here in the UK.

The Bias Cut’s animal print masks are handmade in London, as are the Isabel Manns masks too by London ateliers.

How to make a reusable face mask

If you do fancy making your own face mask (although we’ll be snapping up the stylish ones below!), follow our video guide on how to make a face mask from a sock. Or, find out how to make a face mask without sewing.

Best reusable face masks that are stylish, functional and still in stock

Best reusable face masks: these super stylish picks are still in stock (1/18)

These lightweight face coverings from Vistaprint are made with materials that wick away moisture, so they're comfortable to wear all day long.

The company is also donating a portion of all profits made on the coverings to communities impacted by the virus.

Assorted Upcycled Cotton Face Coverings, £40 for set of 5, Liberty (2/18)

Designed in-house, the Tana Lawn™ cotton face coverings feature an assortment of classic Liberty designs. The masks will retains their specialist treatment for up to 20 washes.

For each set of coverings sold, one covering is donated to a charity.

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Cotton face mask in Liberty Fabric, £19, Brora (3/18)

Brora are selling these super stylish masks in the chic and recognisable Liberty print.

Incredibly £100,000 has now been raised for the NHS Charities Together; now £10 from every mask sold will be donated to other charities supporting those affected by Covid-19. The rest of the retail price covers VAT, fabric, lining, sewing and transport.

Please note: They are unable to specify what print you will receive. If ordering more than one a selection of prints will be sent.

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Reusable cloth mask, £12, Casetify (4/18)

Buy a Mask, Donate a Mask. CASETiFY has donated 35,000 masks to Direct Relief, and will continue to donate a surgical mask for every mask sold.

The reusable face masks are with breathable cotton materials, washable, and fitted with a filter to help fight the spread.

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Animal print face covering,, £16 (5/18)

These fun, colourful animal print face coverings have been created by, handmade in London and made from jersey quilted fabric for a comfortable fit. Each design also features the brand's #AgeismIsNeverInStyle hashtag on the bottom of the mask too.

For every face covering sold, £5 will be donated to charity Hospice UK.

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Set of 3 cotton face masks, £25, Lavender Hill Clothing (6/18)

Now available in 9 different colourways these 100% cotton masks come with a handy cotton pouch.

Lavender Hill will donate three facemasks to the Katherine Low settlement in Battersea for every purchase.

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Organic linen mask, £10, Plümo (7/18)

Handmade from four layers of organic linen, a fabric that has naturally antibacterial properties, Plümo's masks have elasticated ear loops and come in 4 colours.

For every mask sold, Plümo is donating to Masks for NHS Heroes.

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Pack of 3 Spunbond Polypropylene Barrier Masks, £40, Edeline Lee (8/18)

All proceeds of these masks will help the Non Profit Mask-Making Project keep working to make and donate barrier masks to frontline workers. These masks are being stitched by volunteer sewers. So far they have stitched 14,150. The end goal is 20,000 masks being donated.

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Mandevilla Vine cotton mask, £12, Isabel Manns (9/18)

Stop the spread, but make it fashion. Made from the brand's surplus fabric by London ateliers with all profits going to the NHS.

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Non medical face masks – 10 pack – adult and child, £25, Baukjen (10/18)

The masks are made using soft cotton leftover fabrics and cut-offs. They are sold in packs of 10, including 8 adult masks and 2 for children up to 10/12 years of age. Each pack contains mixed colours and prints and this is not selectable.

Please note: Baukjen do not make any profit from the sale of these masks.

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Reusable face mask, £9.95, Scotch & Soda (11/18)

Features a replaceable nano-filter that should be removed after each use. The mask is made from breathable, double layered quality cotton and has a metal nose wire that secures the mask comfortably.

20% of gross sales from this mask go to The Hunger Project. The Hunger Project is a global, non-profit, strategic organisation committed to the sustainable end of world hunger.

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Non-surgical face mask, £6, Paisie (12/18)

Designed using their own fabric in their studio, Paisie face masks have been a huge success and come in four colour ways - all of which are available to be shipped in late July.

"We started off with just the one colour and after a lot of really lovely feedback from our customers, we're now making these in more colours and we hired extra help so that we can cater to the demand. It's been an amazing process and we're happy that we can help out in our own way", says Kate and Vicky.

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Set of 2 reusable masks in striped cotton, £40, Saint James (13/18)

Crafted in the same cotton as the classic Saint James Breton tops, this set of 2 reusable masks have been approved by the French DGA homologation as catégory 1 Masks.

Made from 100% jersey cotton they are extremly soft on your skin.

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Zesty print reversible face mask, £15, Newt (14/18)

If you're looking for something unique and colourful then head to Newt. This sustainable and reusable facemask and has two layers of fabric made from recycled waste plastic bottles.

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Floral cotton mask, £25, Marc Cain (15/18)

Available in different designs, Marc Cain's bright and colourful masks are some of the prettiest available.

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New York cloth face mask, £13.99 for pack of 2, The Cool Face Mask (16/18)

These masks are made of an antimicrobial fibre and treated to be water repellent, breathable and odor-blocking. Machine washable up to 30 times.

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Pink Floral Marilyn face mask, £25, Pearl Lowe (17/18)

These pretty, double lined masks are hand made in Somerset by local seamstresses.

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mask kit £19.99, contains: 1 x Mask. 5 x 7 Day Filters. 1 x Protective Pouch, (18/18)

Guaranteed to not fog up glasses unlike most other face masks this game changing design is made from superior, food-grade silicone. Lightweight and comfortable the masks are specially sculpted to fit to the face’s contours. The excellent air filtration is provided by easily replaceable filters that last seven days.

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