Missoma launches its first fine jewelry line featuring ethically sourced materials

Missoma has launched a new fine jewelry line using recycled gold and conflict-free diamonds

diamonds on pink background, missoma fine collection
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It’s fair to say that for most of us, wearing at least one piece of jewelry is considered a prerequisite for leaving the house. And if you're lucky, it's a Missoma piece.

Some of us find ourselves adorned with valuable family heirlooms, while others tend to go down the middle with a curated selection of demi-fine staples.

Thanks to social media and a certain couple of Duchesses, London-based brand Missoma has become one of the main players in the demi-fine jewelry game. Its eye-catching designs, thoughtful resourcing, and reasonable prices have everyone hooked, and now it’s here to upgrade your jewelry box with its pivot into fine jewelry.

The new Missoma FINE collection features a number of products sporting the brand’s unique style that has been crafted out of more premium materials for a luxury finish.

Missoma has also been considerate with its resourcing and manufacturing efforts. It's the first line that has used recycled gold and diamonds that are Kimberley Process certified to ensure that they're conflict-free.

Each piece in the Missoma FINE collection is either 14ct yellow gold or white gold, making it ideal for treating yourself or gifting a loved one something special they'll cherish for years to come.

Currently, the range is made up of rings and earrings, however necklaces are expected to be added to the upcoming spring line. And of course, we want pretty much every single item, but these are a couple of the standout pieces that really emanate the signature Missoma style…