This secret trick means you can get M&S clothes for a reduced price all year round

This is amazing...
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  • There's no doubt about it - Black Friday is an exciting time of year for those of us who love bagging a bargain.

    Whether it’s fashion, beauty, home, or tech (see our pick of the best deals here), it always feels good to get a discount on an item you know you’ll love and use for ages to come.

    But unfortunately, one of our favourite high-street retailers doesn’t take part in Black Friday – Marks & Spencer.

    The store technically opts out of the hectic shopping event, although they do still have a host of seasonal sale offers available on their website right now.

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    However, we’re always on the hunt for a good deal. And so we were delighted to hear that there’s actually a secret hack to finding your favourite M&S clothing for a reduced price throughout the whole year, not just during the final days of November. revealed that if you go to the ‘Women’ tab on the Marks & Spencer website, and scroll down to ‘Offers and Savings’, there’s a section called ‘New Lower Prices‘.

    What appears then is a couple of pages of clothes that have recently been reduced in price – and amazingly, it’s all current season stuff!

    For example, M&S have listed a ‘Let it Snow’ Christmas jumper on there that was on sale for £29.50 just a few days ago – reduced to £25. There are a host of other jumpers on the secret section too, which aren’t so festive, if that isn’t quite for you, available from only £19.50.

    Marks & Spencer

    Credit: Marks & Spencer

    They’ve also got a stunning grey, 100% cashmere turtle-neck for £99, a steal, considering how expensive the material can often be.

    Marks & Spencer

    Credit: Marks & Spencer

    Shoppers can also find some beautiful, reduced price coats on there too, including a deep purple cocoon overcoat that’s perfect for the winter months.

    Marks & Spencer

    Credit: Marks & Spencer

    It’s on sale for just £79, down from £99 – and we reckon it’s worth even penny.

    In the ‘Lower Price’ section, you can also find skirts, blazers, tops and midi dresses, so there’s no need to worry that you’re just shopping the discount items that the shop are keen to get rid of.

    The lower price items are dotted throughout the website in each of the various clothing categories, but the dedicated ‘New Lower Prices’ section means you can find them easily without needing to spend hours browsing.

    So will you be shopping the reduced price items this weekend?

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