JLo’s signature Ugg slippers cost over £100 - but this £20 lookalike from Costco are just as soft

Our favourite slippers just became more accessible

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Costco is selling a pair of shearling slippers that look just like the classic Ugg slippers that celebs like JLo love - but cost just a quarter of the price of the Uggs. 

Let's face it - there's nothing we love more than a good dupe or lookalike. From beauty products like this Clinique Black Honey lipstick dupe, to the £9 Stanley Cup lookalike from Aldi, we've always got our sights set on finding the best deals - and we just found the ultimate pair of lookalike slippers that are almost an exact swap for JLo's favourite UGG slippers. 

The actress has been seen out and about a few times wearing these cult-favourite Ugg Coquette Slippers - an indoor/ outdoor shoe that is perfect for keeping your feet warm and comfortable in chilly weather. 

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For this specific lookalike product, we're turning to one of our favourite wholesale stores - a store that has literally everything you could need, from electric fireplaces to rotisserie chickens - Costco. Costco isn't the only store that's been trending for its good quality designer clothing dupes - even Aldi has been praised for their cheap shoes and other accessories. 

These UGG slipper lookalikes from Costco are just too good to pass up. They come in three different colourways - tan, light grey, and dark grey - and come in a wide range of sizes to ensure everyone can get their hands on these must-have slippers. 

The Kirkland Signature (Costco's home brand) slippers are an unmissable deal, coming in at a whole £80 less than the original UGG Coquette slippers. 

And hey, if the style is good enough for JLo, it's certainly good enough for us.

Kirkland Signature Ladies' Shearling Slipper, $25 (£20) | Costco

Kirkland Signature Ladies' Shearling Slipper, $25 (£20) | Costco

These tan Kirkland Signature slippers are perfect for those looking to find a pair of shoes for every day this winter. With a shearling sheepskin lining and a thick sole that helps give support wherever you're walking to, these shoes are perfect coming in at just £20.

Don't take it from us, or JLo, even, about the trendiness of these UGG slippers (and, of course, their lookalike counterparts).

"For this price, you can't beat these shearling slippers. I may like some higher end shearling slippers slightly better, but they are also 4 times + the price," one reviewer said.

"They are still a GREAT real shearling slipper and are sturdy, comfortable and warm. I wear them year round," another reviewer claimed. 

For those who don't have a Costco store near them, you can purchase these trendy slippers online on Costco's site too!

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