Handbag Clinic relaunches and it becomes even easier to fix your old designer bags

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Handbag Clinic, one of the top handbag restoration and resale retailers in the UK, has relaunched its flagship store in King’s Road, Chelsea. The launch comes just in time for Oxfam’s Second Hand September campaign, which urges consumers not to buy new fashion goodies for the whole of the month.

As well as the new store refurbishment, Handbag Clinic also introduced a home consultation and concierge service this month, which means accessing their services is now even easier. You can go in store for a consultation, or you can phone or email too.

Handbag Clinic is renowned for its reputable handbag restoration work. It's used by customers who want to sell their handbag on and those who want to tidy up and repair a beloved bag from their wardrobe. They do everything from conditioning and cleaning, to changing the colour and reinforcing stretched straps.

The range of services provided to revive and restore luxury handbags is pretty substantial. No surprise then, that Handbag Clinic rejuvenates around 700 bags per month and has handled over £40 million worth of handbags since being founded in 2013.

Handbag Clinic

Handbag Clinic co-founder, Charlotte Staerck said,“Since we opened the doors to our King’s Road store in 2015, we’ve seen a seismic shift in the marketplace with cult and vintage preloved handbags fetching higher prices than ever – they are seen as collector’s items and, in the face of Brexit uncertainty, a sound investment."

"By reselling their preloved bags, an eco-conscious choice, they can do this guilt free. We recognise that our clients have busy lifestyles and our new home consultation service aims to take the hassle out of reselling your once loved but seldom used handbags - we take care of absolutely everything. When you consider that the average woman amasses a haul of 111 handbags in her lifetime, that’s an unmined treasure trove and worthwhile side-hustle for women everywhere”, says Charlotte.

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If you are one of those women that's amassed a stash of bags that's in triple figures then you might want to book a consultation with one of Handbag Clinics experts who will be able to advise on authentication and value of your bag. They can explain the process of selling them on in their store or through their website. This can result in a good return on investment, the resale market has risen in value by an average of 8% a year over the last decade, with second hand luxury bags such as Chanel’s Medium Classic Flap Bag currently selling for up to 140% of their original retail price.

So whether you’re looking for an environmentally friendly buy, to sell on a bag that's wasting in your wardrobe, or you want to give your beloved bag a makeover, Handbag Clinic is your best bet. And happily you don’t even need to leave the house to use their services any more.

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Prices for bags at Handbag Clinic vary but start from £75 for a Mulberry keyring, and £125 for a Miu Miu mini woven bucket bag. Restoration costs depend on the brand and style of the bag.

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