Anya Hindmarch's circular Universal Bag made with Tesco and Morrisons is literally going for over £1000 on eBay

This isn't your average supermarket bag!

anya hindmarch supermarket bag
(Image credit: Anya Hindmarch)

Designer Anya Hindmarch, in partnership with Tesco and Morrisons, has launched this summer's most popular universal tote bag - and it's selling for over £1000 on eBay.

Luxury accessories designer Anya Hindmarch, making some of the best tote bags, is continuing her Universal Bag rollout - and this time, she's partnered with the UK's most popular supermarkets, Tesco and Morrisons, to bring you a new, chic version of her Universal Tote Bag. 

These bags are reusable and made of 100% recycled materials, making them perfect if you're trying to opt into sustainability efforts, much like our favourite royal Princess Catherine does. And what's more, according to Fashion United, the brand's Universal Bag project has "diverted more than 150 tonnes of virgin plastic from landfill, the equivalent of over 12 London double-decker buses."

anya hindmarch bag

(Image credit: Anya Hindmarch )

The Tesco version of the bag, which uses the brand's colours of blue and red, will be available in 250 stores nationwide starting in July (aka- right now), and the Morrisons version will drop in mid-September, spanning its reach to over 400 stores nationwide, with the classic orange and green Morrisons colour scheme. 

Both of these versions will retail in store for £10 each - but it looks like people are willing to pay much, much more for what is gearing up to be quite the exclusive bag

In fact, these bags have reached a global scale, with people from all over the world excited for the release and purchase of these bags. 

"These bags are amazing! I live in the Caribbean and so many people ask me where I picked it up. They are perfect," one person commented under Anya Hindmarch's Instagram post. 

Others in the comments were stating concerns about how difficult it was to find the bags in their local Tesco's, seeing as there is limited stock of these apparently highly coveted bags. 

"Lady in Shirley, Solihull bought 6 ahead of me," one person commented under another post on Anya Hindmarch's Instagram. 

anya hindmarch supermarket bag

(Image credit: Anya Hindmarch)

If you're on the hunt for these exclusive supermarket bags and you can't seem to find any at your local stores, never fear! Some people are selling them online, but it comes with quite the price tag. 

Yes, ladies and gents, you might just have to pay a whopping £1000 on secondhand sites like eBay to purchase these bad boys, as some sellers are listing the full collection of bags for even upwards of that amount. 

Don't worry though, there are some kinder people out there who are re-selling the bags for only about double the original price on eBay, bringing them to just over £20. Either way, these bags clearly are extremely in demand, so get yours while you can! 

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