9 Pairs Of Knickers Every Woman Should Own

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  • Streamline your underwear drawer today with the must-have knickers that no woman should be without

    We’re all the same, us women – our underwear drawers are bursting with
    buys that, realistically, we will never wear. Pairs of knickers that are
    too small but you’re convinced you’ll squeeze into one day, ones that
    you bought because they match the bra but really they’re just not you, and briefs that really should have been thrown out months ago but – oh they’re so comfy and do you really have to?!

    it’s finally time to dig deep into that drawer and get rid of all your
    old styles. We think we’ve found the perfect formular for your knickers,
    and it consists of just 9 pairs. From the slimming styles that will
    give your the hourglass shape you’ve always wanted to the everyday pairs
    that every woman needs – no matter how ‘boring’ they might be – it’s
    time to throw out and stock up. Forget the capsule wardrobe, now it’s
    all about the capsule underwear drawer!

    So where to start? With a
    gorgeous matching set, of course! It doesn’t matter about the colour,
    style or shape – this one is all about getting exactly what you want.
    Whether that’s something really beautiful and detailed or a plain set
    you can wear everyday, make sure that when you stock up you look at both
    the bra and briefs to make sure that you like the design and fit of
    both. Because a matching set means an ultimate confidence boost, and
    every woman deserves that once in a while!

    We love this gorgeous Clara design from Panache,
    who consistently create perfectly-fitting designs up to a J cup, made
    for real, inspiring women. Black is a great option for a matching set,
    but if you’re feeling adventurous why not try something a little more
    ‘out-there’? There are plenty of designs that are bound to catch your

    Click through for eight more must-haves, and get ready to streamline your knicker drawer like never before…