This Morning stars's favourite skincare and beauty products - Holly Willoughby's go-to is just £16

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On ITV show This Morning, we normally hear about the beauty secrets of Hollywood A-listers, or our favourite UK celebrities.

And because of that, it's rare that we'll hear too much about the routines of the actual hosts of the This Morning programme, including the likes of Holly Willoughby and Ruth Langsford. So it was a real treat for fans of the show (in particular, beauty and skincare fans), to hear about the presenter's self-care must haves.

During the show's daily beauty segment, the tables were turned on Phil, Holly, Ruth, and the rest, when they were asked to share their favourite skincare products to get them looking in tip-top shape, for their starring roles on the show, and beyond.

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Sarah Jossel, the programme's resident beauty expert, revealed everyone's favourites, including the mascara Ruth adores, and the cream Rochelle Humes can't be without.

Each member of the This Morning family picked out their go-to product - so which products do they swear by, and where can we find each item for ourselves?

The This Morning team's top beauty buys

Holly Willoughby

Main co-presenter of the show Holly always looks flawless, so her favourite product was one we were certainly looking forward to hearing about.

This Morning beauty favourites

She chose Liz Earle's Eye Bright as her skincare must-have, a soothing eye lotion which costs just £16. Holly explained, "I use it every morning when I'm here, so I put it on two cotton wool pads and I just hold them on my eyes for about 30 seconds - or some mornings, slightly longer. I feel like it just takes down that redness and that puffiness. It's got some nice natural stuff in it too."

Sarah responded, saying, "So that's the secret!" Finally, we've discovered the key to Holly's bright-eyed look!

Holly went on, agreeing, "That's the stuff - that's the saviour."


Ruth Langsford

This Morning beauty favourites

We always love Ruth's beauty looks, so were delighted to hear that her go-to product was a simple, waterproof mascara - on sale for just £27.

She opted for the Lancome Volumising Mascara. Sarah explained, "She said, if she was going to a desert island, it's the only thing she'd need." It's a fail-safe, trustworthy mascara wand, and it's great for short lashes. A really great option."


Rochelle Humes

This Morning beauty favourites

Rochelle decided on a hair product, specifically targeted towards those with curly hair. It was the Hersheson's Almost Everything Cream, which Sarah said is, "100 things in one. It's a primer, a shine-booster, a frizz-fighter, it does everything. It's all in the prep, so when your hair is damp, you put it on on. But when your hair is dry you can even use it through the ends. If you want Rochelle's hair, here is the secret."

The cream costs just £10, making it another brilliantly affordable pick from the This Morning team.


Alison Hammond

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Alison opted for the Fenty Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Concealer, retailing for £19.

"It's a fail-safe for full coverage", said Sarah. "Your skin won't look cakey and dry, as I think that's something people really struggle with with concealer.


Phillip Schofield

Okay, so the presenter might not quite be your everyday beauty inspiration, but they don't call him the silver fox for nothing! Phil revealed that he regularly uses the No7 range from Boots, and it doesn't even need to be the male-specific products.

Pointing to the No7 Essential Moisture Day Fluid, which is unisex, he said, "Generally, in the morning, in the bathroom, it's that." He also told Sarah that he likes The Ordinary's Hyaluronic Acid - who knew Phillip was such a skincare buff?


Alice Beer

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The part-time This Morning presenter, who often hosts gadget and DIY segments on the show, told Sarah that she can't be without Jo Malone's Red Roses body lotion, which sells for £42.

She said, "This is the secret to why I smell amazing".

Sarah told viewers that Alice has said she doesn't actually use any perfume, instead just opting for the floral lotion every morning. She went on, saying, "It's rich, and smells a lot like roses, so you've got to be into florals. A very little bit goes a long way. And when you have guests around, it's great to put by your sink."


Deidre Sanders

The show's resident doctor is a huge fan of the This Works Stress Check face oil, which she says, "Gets rid of her wrinkles every single day." We're sold!

Sarah said, "It's got really lovely calming ingredients, so it's a little bit of self-care at the end of the day if you're feeling red or sensitive. This is what she swears by."

The facial oil, which sells for £40, should be applied to cleansed skin, either in the morning or night.


This Morning beauty favourites

Plenty of the other This Morning crew shared their must-haves as well, including Sharon Hogan, who loves the Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips, which is £12, Vanessa Feltz, who always goes for the Revlon Kiss Cloud Blotted Lip Colour, £7.99, and Dr Zoe, who is a fan of the £7.99 Cantu Coconut Curling Cream.

Sarah Jossel herself also revealed her two new favourite beauty products, the Living Proof Body Builder (£18), and the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector (£21).

Of the Living Proof product, she said, "It's a texturising hairspray, and there's no sticky feeling to it", before sharing that the corrector is a great step in the beauty routine for anyone with dark circles. She even revealed that Holly uses the light shade, while Rochelle uses the dark shade!

Which product recommendations will you be stealing from the This Morning team?

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