The hair dryer stands with the best customer reviews

These essential hair dryer stands mean you’ll never get your wires crossed again…

Jackcube Wall Canister Hair Dryer Holder
(Image credit: Jackcube)

Whether it’s the tangled cords or just the general eyesore of a clunky hair dryer dominating your dressing table, even the best hair dryer can make an otherwise neat-and-tidy dresser look seriously cluttered if they have no designated home. Enter the hair dryer stand. It’s the beauty storage solution you never knew you needed, and will ensure that you never trip over a rogue wire or drop your pricey ghd hair dryer ever again. 

If you presumed that the likes of sleek, wall-mounted hair dryer stands belonged in pro salons only, you’ll also be pleasantly surprised that home hair dryer stands can be incredibly affordable and easy to install. Whether you’re the lucky owner of a Dyson Supersonic or have a more basic budget hair dryer, there’s a stand to suit… and many also have separate compartments to store other tools, such as straighteners and tongs. Cable tidies are also a game changer. 

Get organised with the suggestions below. Marie Kondo would be so proud. 

Hair dryer stands with the best reviews

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JackCube Design Hair Dryer Holder

(Image credit: Jackcube)

1. JackCubeDesign Hair Dryer Holder

RRP: £37.90

Almost 90% of 1200-plus customers awarded this hair dryer caddy 5 stars, with one particular megafan declaring buying it as “the best decision I’ve made”. Praise indeed. In addition to storing your hair dryer there are two roomy compartments for straighteners, tongs or large brushes and a front ‘step’ in which to store hair products. The faux leather design makes it look more high-end than plain plastic too. 

mDesign Hair Dryer Stand

(Image credit: Mdesign)

2. mDesign Hair Dryer Stand

RRP: £31.26

Available in four shades, this metal hair dryer stand ticks all of the aesthetic boxes. With an average customer rating of 4.8 out of 5, it’s a simple, streamlined crowd-pleaser that’ll display hair tools - including the best hair straighteners - elegantly and prevent cords from snaking together. The fact that you can put tools straight into the stand after use is a plus for keeping hot hair dryers away from small hands and preventing burns on surfaces.

Moen Voss Brushed Metal Hair Dryer Holder

(Image credit: Moen Voss)

3. Moen Voss Bathroom Hair Dryer Holder

RRP: £49.18

Polished, professional and guaranteed not to detract from a meticulously organised dressing table, this salon-inspired hair dryer stand floats on your wall and takes care of storage with minimal faff. Mount the corrosion-resistant brushed-nickel hair dryer holder onto a convenient surface, and simply wind the cord around the handle and hang it up once you’ve nailed your morning blow-dry. It’s a pricey option but it’ll last you for years.  

mDesign Wall Mounted Hair Dryer and Straightener Holder

(Image credit: mdesign)

4. mDesign Hair Dryer and Straightener Holder

RRP: £31.36

Regular heated hair-tool users will appreciate the extra storage space within this hardy, metal hair dryer stand – it can accommodate tongs, straighteners and a hair dryer with a metal basket below in which to store cords. Putting heated tools back to ‘bed’ on the stand also relieves the ‘did-I-leave-my-tongs-on’ anxiety when you leave the house. You’re welcome. Shop now

Overwell Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Stand

(Image credit: Overwell)

5. OVERWELL Hair Dryer Stand for Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryers

RRP: £39.99

If you’re fortunate enough to be in possession of a Dyson (if you're thinking about it read our Dyson Supersonic hair dryer review) this stand will ensure that it’s kept in perfect working order and tucked neatly out of sight between uses. With average reviews of 4.8 out of 5, customers especially appreciate the sturdy craftsmanship, the fact that it’s a perfect fit for the Dyson design and the subtle grippy pads on the bottom of the stand that keep it in place (preventing ‘crash bang’ blow-drying during the morning rush). 

Bellelife Hair Dryer holder

(Image credit: Bellelife)

6. BelleLife Hair Dryer Holder

RRP: £18.99

Got a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer but lacking surface space for storage? This wall-mounted purpose-designed hair dryer holder will keep both cords and hair tools out of sight and mind, while the rust-proof stainless steel bracket will stay spick and span in the face of many a steamy shower. A universal design, the hair dryer stand supports other models too – this isn’t just for Dyson devotees. If you’re not into DIY this option is supplied with strong glue, as well as screws, to secure it to a clean wall or cabinet. 

mDesign Wall Mounted Hair Dryer Holder

(Image credit: mdesign)

7. mDesign Wall Mount Hair Dryer Holder

RRP: £23.84

Really want your dryer out of your hair when you’re finished with it? This wall-mounted basket will store your hair dryer neatly out of sight, not to mention beyond the reach of little ones. With almost 2000 ratings and a satisfaction score of 4.7 out of 5, it’s a reliable hair dryer storage solution that doesn’t cost the earth. Screws are included so you needn’t go big in the DIY shop to set it up either – it takes seconds to drill in. 

Jackcube Wall Canister Hair Dryer Holder

(Image credit: Jackcube)

8. JACKCUBE DESIGN Wall Mount Hair Dryer Holder

RRP: £22.90

Hair dryer stands don’t come more versatile than this all-white option. Three heatproof steel chambers allow you to put heated hair tools away immediately after you’ve used them, and the neat design ties in with every bathroom or bedroom design vibe. The compartments are as handy for storing hair products, brushes and general styling accessories as they are for tidying away your hair dryer, and customers are fans of the industrial-chic look that it creates once it’s mounted. It’s the kind of minimalistic bathroom storage you’d expect to see in a swanky hotel. 

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