Our favourite five-minute face masks for beautiful skin

Busy schedule getting the better of your beauty regime? Don’t worry, these super-fast face masks were designed with you in mind. there’s a fast-acting mask to suit every skin type and concern – even if you’ve only got 60 seconds to spend on an extra step in your beauty routine, there is a face mask out there that’s perfect for you. So treat your skin to a speedy treatment tonight and wake up to better skin tomorrow.

Read on to discover our top speedy skin solutions, from mask-of-the-moment sheet masks to the latest foaming, hydrating and deep-cleansing formulas…

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Done and dusted in as little as five minutes, Korean-inspired sheet masks are the fastest route to pampered refreshed skin, and are perfect for travel as they take up next to nothing of your precious luggage allowance.

Yes, they might look a little bit Hannibal Lector-like while they’re on (although that’s really part of the fun) super-hydrating and nourishing sheet masks are Infused with the latest skincare technology and soaked in fasting acting ingredients, to firm, hydrate, brighten and even improve the appearance of pigmentation with a single application.

Meanwhile, traditional gel and cream masks promise benefits ranging from a plumped-up complexion (perfect for dehydrated skin) to clogged-pore-zapping detoxing properties.

So there really is no excuse not to treat your skin to five minutes with a mask, even on a weekday evening – why not stick one on while you watch that boxset you’re currently racing through?

Check out more of our recommendations for the best five-minute face masks below…