How To Remove Fake Tan, Fast

Want to know how to remove fake tan fast?

Streaky fake tan can leave you feeling less than confident, especially if you’re getting ready for a special occasion. Don’t fret! It’s easier, and quicker, than you might think to fix a DIY fake tan gone wrong – and everyday household items are all you need to get your skin back to its usual shade, fast.

Don’t be tempted to reach for the body exfoliator and scrub until your skin is red and sore. There’s a quick, easy and much less painful solution.

Tanning expert, James Read has tended to the golden glows of Hollywood actresses on Oscar night, and supermodels who are about to set foot on Fashion Week’s biggest catwalks. So, even though he’s guaranteed to achieve an even finish everytime, he also knows how to remove fake tan fast.

And be assured you’re not the only one to have a fake tan disaster. When we grilled him, he said it’s the question he gets asked most often.

Here are his top fake tan removal tips…

‘Squeeze a little lemon and lime juice on to a clean fake tan mitt. Add a little water then microwave for about 2 minutes. Leave to cool slightly, then rub over the affected area. The warmth activates the alpha hydroxy acids in the tan causing it to fade.’

‘A little toothpaste works really well to remove stubborn fake tan stains on fingers and toes.’

‘Heading to the gym? Sit in the steam room for 20 minutes, then grab a damp towel and rub all over the skin. This will remove all trace of that streaky fake tan.’

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