Debating getting the chop? TikTok hack claims to know if you'll look good with short hair... using math

TikTok hack claims to have worked out if you should cut your hair, using trigonometry

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Whether you’ve been considering a bob, a pixie, or a layered crop, going from long to short hair is a dramatic move.

There are plenty of other ways to give yourself a hair makeover without relying on such drastic measures. You can start by giving yourself a professional blowout at home, you just need the right hair dryer. You can play with length too, with any range of tapes, clip-ins and bond extensions. However, if you can’t quiet the voices telling you to give your locks the chop, and you find yourself researching short hair styles for women, luckily, TikTok is here to help you make the decision.

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Influencer @bondenavant has 1.3 million followers, having impressed her many fans with her insight and tips on everything from skincare to hair hacks.

One of her recent tricks has caught the attention of people after she claimed to be able to predict whether a short hairstyle will suit you, based on mathematics.


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Here’s how she describes the methodology:

  • Place one pencil underneath your chin.
  • Place the second pencil at the base of your ear so that it’s perpendicular to the first.
  • Mark where the second pencil hits the first pencil.
  • Measure the distance between the mark and the end of the pencil at the base of your ear.

“If the distance is greater than 2 1/4 inches, then longer hair looks good on you,” she says in the video. “If it’s shorter than 2 1/4 inches, then short hair will look good on you.”

“The angle and length of your jaw is everything,” she added in the comment section.

The video has racked up 7 million views (and counting) but not everyone was convinced.

In the comments, users replied with comments like, “What is the science behind this ? It’s so random.”

Do the stylists agree with this TikTok hack?

Salon owner and luxury stylist Gustav Fouche told woman&home, "I would love to say this works or doesn't work but in truth, the true magic of a hair cut lays with the stylist."

"When it comes to cutting hair it's not as simple as measured this or that. We need to look at the client's face as a whole. We take into consideration her bone structure and work to highlight her best features, whether that's her eyes, cheekbones or jaw, not to mention her facial shape: does she have a strong jawline, or round cheeks."

"There is a long and short style for every person and when done right both will look fabulous. Forget the pencils and go see ab amazing stylist who should be able to tell you like a good designer what will work for you and how to make your dream hairstyle work."

Whether you’ve reached a milestone birthday and looking to switch up your style or have been considering the cut for a while—TikTok tricks or not—everyone should feel confident trying out a new look.

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