The quick in-shower hair trick that will banish frizz

Woman washing hair

How many hair products have you bought in an attempt to banish dry and frizzy hair and replace it with smooth, shiny locks?

On your journey towards discovering the best products to give you the shiniest hair, you might have stumbled across hair serum. This is a hair care product that covers the surface of your hair for added shine whilst also providing a protective layer.

But if you’re not happy with results you have seen in the past, it might not be a matter of what product you’re using but rather how you are using it, or rather when you are using it.

Hair serum is most often applied to clean, towel dried hair but this does not necessarily have to be the case. It turns out it can also be used on dry hair before you wash it.

As seen onRefinery 29, Peter Bailey, Unilever’s global technical manager describes how hair serum can be used on dry hair, before we shower.

“It works well when applied before you wash your hair. Take a few drops in your hands, coat the surface and simply run it through. Some of the product will come out in the wash, but a lot of it doesn’t, and what isn't washed away stays within the cracks and smooths the hair surface.”

According to the hair expert, this process adds a form of protection to the hair.

So hair serum isn’t necessarily a finishing product…

Peter adds, “I liken the hair strand to a scratched table. When you’re repairing it, you pile on the polish but you remove 99% of it, and what’s left plugs the gaps and leaves you with a nice polished surface."

This process is recommended to those who are worried about making their clean hair greasy.

So now it’s a matter of deciding which serum to go for…

One hair serum that proves popular is John Frieda’s frizz ease perfect finish polishing serum. At only £6.99, this product has received 5 star reviews with one customer describing it as ‘amazing.’

If you want to try the product for yourself, you can buy it from here.

You can also find Tresemme’s colour shineplex serum for only £3.02, what a bargain!

This product is also popular with customers. One reviewer said it was ‘lovely and not in the slightest bit greasy.’

Will you be reversing your hair serum routine? It sounds like it’s worth a try!

Aleesha Badkar
Digital Beauty Editor, woman&home

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