Amazon is selling a £9.99 prebiotic suncream that claims to break down fat by 60%

fat-burning suncream by Sunshapers

Amazon's latest popular buy promises to smooth, tone and create a more svelte shape, while protecting your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays.

The suncream - which is factor 30 and costs a very reasonable £9.99 currently - is packed full of ingredients, including a 'thermogenic fat-burner', which claims to melt away fat, while you relax, as it 'breaks down fat by 60%'.

The product description for the fat-burning suncream reads, 'Sunshapers is a game-changer for sun care. Instead of thinking of sun cream and after sun as just a product for protection and soothing, Sunshapers combines protection and moisturising with a highly effective thermogenic fat burner to support your weight loss and fitness goals even when you are relaxing in the sun.

The product is 'specifically formulated to burn fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite while inhibiting the growth of new fat cells, including stubborn belly fat'.

fat-burning suncream by Sunshapers

So how does Prebiotic Protection by Sunshapers work?

'The premium fat burning ingredients in Sunshapers start working immediately as you massage, and the process is boosted by the heat of the sun. This helps to speed up the process of fat-burning deep in the skin,' according to the Amazon website.

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It also inhibits the creation of new fat cells, as it contains 'SymFit 1616r proven to burn fat and trigger lipolysis'.

The disclaimer reads, "Sunshapers contains active natural ingredients proven to shrink fat cells and burn cellulite. Individual results cannot be guaranteed."

And we'd certainly not advocate that using a fat-burning su is a good substitute for diet and exercise, it's still a reasonable price for a reliable factor 30.

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Other benefits of the cream detailed on the Amazon website, include that it's a tan accelerator, meaning the formula stimulates melanin to give a deeper and faster tan - meaning you spend less time in the sun.

It's also great for cooling down the skin after time in the sun and keeping up moisture levels.


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