These are the best makeup looks for redheads as inspired by our favourite celebrities

Get inspired by these 32 striking and unique beauty looks for redheads

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Redheads, whether that means soft strawberry blonde, deep auburn, or classic red, are lucky enough to already have a striking and unique look, which is only intensified by makeup. 

We've looked to some of our favourite celebrity redheads, from Nicole Kidman and Susan Sarandon to Jessica Chastain and Emma Stone for inspiration on the best makeup looks for red hair that you can try at home. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to makeup that complements red hair, but like with any beauty look it's worthwhile checking what complements your skin tone. Red lipstick, for example, works well with a blue undertone on paler complexions, while olive and deeper skin tones can experiment with orange-toned shades. Regardless of the shade, investing in long-lasting lipstick is a must for an easy, low-maintenance look. 

Having said this, we're all unique, and makeup looks will vary from face to face and style to style. But if you're looking for a little inspiration on the best makeup looks for redheads) our 32-strong gallery of stunning redhead celebrities is a good place to start. 

32 best makeup looks for redheads

Pink lips and defined eyes

Molly Ringwald with pink lips and defined eyes

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A bright pink lip provides a beautiful contrast to red hair and works well with gently defined eyes. '80s icon Molly Ringwald looked fabulous in silver and pink, proving the power of a bold matte lip. 

Dramatic eyes and glossy lips

Marcia Cross with dramatic eyes and glossy lips

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Marcia Cross has enviable vibrant red hair that looks striking with dramatic winged eyes and a glossy lip. The actor wore a simple base for this look, with peach blush dusted along her cheekbones. 

Nude-toned eyes and subtle pink lips

Jessica Chastain with nude makeup

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Keep things light with a fresh makeup look that fuses pink and nude tones like Jessica Chastain. The actor teamed her demure and elegant makeup look with poker-straight sleek hair for maximum impact. 

Fluttery lashes with a shiny red lip

Nicole Kidman wears fluttery lashes with a shiny red lip

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Nicole Kidman proves that sometimes the most simple makeup looks are the most effective. The award-winning actor kept her eye makeup simple with fluttery lashes and a bright, bold pout with a glossy finish. If fake lashes aren't your thing, you can easily replicate her look with a high-quality mascara

Deep purple lips

Florence Welch

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Redheads can pull off striking looks like deep red, plum or purple lips. Florence Welch's deep yet vibrant auburn hair looks incredible with a darker lip colour, with the rest of her makeup look kept simple. 

Red lips and a subtle smokey eye

Christina Henricks with red lips and subtly smokey eyes

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Christina Hendricks is an iconic redhead, commanding attention on screen as Joan Harris in '60s-inspired show Mad Men. A true siren, Christina's makeup looks are usually bold and this stunning combination of bold lips and subtly smokey eyes is a winner. 

Soft matte pink lips and defined eyes

Emma Stone with soft matte pink lips and defined eyes

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Emma Stone is the woman of the moment after her numerous big wins for Poor Things and she knows a thing or two about red carpet glamour. This look shows the Hollywood starlet wearing a soft pink lip colour and a slick of eyeliner for a timeless beauty look. 

Copper eyes and natural lips

Amy Adams with copper eyes and natural lips

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A metallic copper eye is a strong choice for lighter-haired or strawberry-blonde redheads. Glowing skin and a natural, glossy lip sets off Amy Adams' look perfectly, with gently groomed brows a finishing touch to this subtle makeup style. 

Smokey eyes and soft pink lips

Julia Roberts with smokey eyes and soft pink lips

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Beauty icon Julia Roberts is a pro at natural makeup looks and this flawless combination shows that sometimes less is more. Julia wore her strawberry blonde locks loose and long, with a subtle smokey eye, light pink lips and gently flushed cheeks. 

Simple eyes and darker nude lips

Isla Fisher with smokey eyes and a dark nude lip

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While brights and pinks work well on lighter redheads, those with darker auburn shades will look fabulous with deeper nude shades. Isla Fisher paired simple eyes and defined brows with a dark nude lip for a vampy, impactful look.

Grey and nude tones

Tyra Banks wears grey and nude tones

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Beauty icon Tyra Banks makes a case for offsetting dramatic grey eyeshadow against auburn locks, her look elevated with a glossy nude pout. Lashings of mascara open up the supermodel's eyes for a flawless finish. 

Barely there makeup

Florence Welch with barely there makeup

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Sometimes natural makeup looks can be the most effective, particularly with a bold hairstyle like Florence Welch's cascading waves and block fringe. To recreate Florence's natural look, opt for soft eye makeup, a matte base and natural lips with a hint of lip oil or gloss.

Dramatic eyes with a soft glossy lip

Christina Hendricks with dramatic eyes and a natural lip

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Christina Hendricks switched it up by combining smokey, defined eyes and a more natural lip. The actor kept her base natural and fresh, putting the focus on her dramatic eye makeup.

Soft dark eyes and glossy pink lips

Molly Ringwald with soft dark eyes and glossy pink lips

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Molly Ringwald was a '80s fashion icon but her recent looks have been providing us with some serious beauty inspiration. This subtle makeup look combines softly smokey and lined eyes with a natural-looking pink glossy lip. 

Red eye makeup and lips

Julianne Moore with red eyes and lips

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Red eye makeup may sound daunting but as Julianne Moore proves, it can work well with an evening makeup look, teamed with a subtle red lip. We love the bold earrings to finish this powerful look, too. 

Grey-toned smokey eyes and baby pink lips

Lily Cole with grey-toned smokey eyes and baby pink lips

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Lily Cole's playful look is refreshing makeup look to try if you have strawberry blonde locks, matching a steely grey smokey eye with baby pink lips for a '60s-inspired beauty look. 

Glittery eyeliner and red lips

Emma Stone with glittering eyeliner

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Hear us out on this one - while Emma Stone's glittering eyeliner might be quite out there, the actor wears the look with confidence and we love the contrast of her deep auburn locks and bold makeup. To tone down the look, try a glittery eyeshadow on the lids and team with a bold lip for a special evening out. 

Purple-toned eye makeup and pink lips

Jessica Chastain wears purple-toned eye makeup and pink lips

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Award-winning actor Jessica Chastain's makeup look is a medley of purples and pinks with a colourful twist on a smokey eye. She wears a natural base with a hint of blusher to keep the look classic and elegant. 

Copper eyes and glossy red lips

Bryce Dallas Howard with copper eyes and glossy red lips

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Actor and director Bryce Dallas Howard shows how bold tones can look subtle and classy with a wash of copper on her lids and glossy red lips. The star keeps her base simple and matt to let her features shine. 

Defined brows and smokey eyes

Lindsay Lohan with defined brows and smokey eyes

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Defined brows and smokey eyes are a classic combination, as Lindsay Lohan proves. The actor opted for full lashes and a hint of highlighter across her cheeks for an old-school glamour makeup look. 

Plum lips and defined eyes

Rihanna with plum lips and defined eyes

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Rihanna's auburn locks are giving us some serious hair envy, not to mention her deep plum lips and perfectly lined eyes, finished with a pop of gold. Glowing skin completes the look. 

Smokey grey eyes with natural lips

Cynthia Nixon wears smokey eyes

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Sex & The City veteran Cynthia Nixon wears a classic smokey eye with an otherwise natural makeup look. The actor's red hair is styled in loose waves around her face for a relaxed and natural beauty look. 

Pink lips and metallic liner

Amy Adams with pink lips and metallic liner

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Metallic eyeshadow or a sweep of eyeliner looks great on redheads, with Amy Adams showing a subtle dusting of silver copper under the lash line looks stunning alongside a bold pink lip. 

A Hollywood red lip

Isla Fisher with a Hollywood red lip

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Isla Fisher dialled up the glamour for a red carpet appearance with a bright Hollywood-esque red lip and defined brows and eyes. The glossy hair with a side parting and statement dangling earrings finish the look. 

Fluttery lashes and lined eyes

Deborah Messing wears fluttery lashes and lined eyes

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Dramatic eyes are a winning look for redheads and Will & Grace star Deborah Messing shows that bold lashes and lined eyes look striking with auburn hair. The actor balances the look with a simple base and natural pink lips. 

Fluttery lashes and natural makeup

Bryce Dallas Howard

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Sometimes its most effective to let your lashes take centre stage, as in the case of actor Bryce Dallas Howard, who opted for striking eyes with a natural base and nude lips. 

Classic lined eyes and light pink lips

Julia Roberts with classic lined eyes and light pink lips

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Julia Roberts wore a classic look from the '90s and Noughties on the red carpet with softly lined eyes and pink lips. This dramatic look works well on lighter redheads, drawing attention to the eyes, with the pink tones complementing strawberry blonde locks. 

Bold purple lips

Isla Fisher wear purple lips

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Redheads shouldn't shy away from bright and bold colours - they're able to pull off a wide range of colours. Isla Fisher has given us some serious inspiration for a bold beauty look with daring purple lips on the red carpet. 

Caramel tones

Marcia Cross

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Former Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross looks elegant with caramel-toned makeup, pairing brown eyeshadow with a slick of eyeliner and glossy nude lips for a subtle makeup look. 

Glowing skin and orange-toned red lips

Susan Sarandon

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An orange-undertone red lipstick looks particularly striking on redheads like Susan Sarandon, with her makeup look enhanced by the actor's glowing complexion. Good skin starts with the right skincare, so make sure you commit to the right skincare prep before applying makeup. 

Heavily lined eyes

Sophie Turner with heavily lined eyes

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Striking redheads can carry off dramatic makeup looks like heavily lined eyes, as proven by Game of Thrones actor Sophie Turner. The star wears her dramatic eyes with a matte base and natural lips for a balanced beauty look. 

Smudged eye makeup and nude lips

Gillian Anderson with smudged eye makeup and nude lips

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Gillian Anderson is one of our ultimate redhead beauty icons, with numerous looks to choose from. This sultry makeup look combines smokey eyes with smudged eyeliner and nude lips. 

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