Zara has launched an advent calendar with Jo Malone and it's divine

You don't want to miss this!

The Zara Jo Malone Advent Calendar
(Image credit: ZARA)

It's one of our favourite collaborations of the year, so we're thrilled that a Zara Jo Malone Advent Calendar has launched just in time for December. 

Inside the Emotions Beauty Wardrobe you'll find Zara Jo Malone candles, perfumes, hand and body washes and body lotions. Beauty advent calendars don't get much better than this, folks.

The Zara Jo Malone fragrance calendar features 25 drawers with an extra special gift to unwrap on Christmas day. 

And at £99, it's by no means the most expensive beauty advent calendar on the market; the Jo Malone London Advent Calendar price tag, for example, is considerably steeper at £320. 

Emotions Beauty Wardrobe - Zara Jo Malone Advent Calendar

The ZARA Emotions Beauty Wardrobe

(Image credit: ZARA)

What's inside the Zara Advent Calendar?

  • Vetiver Pamplemousse Eau de Parfum - 15ml
  • Waterlily Tea Dress Eau de Parfum - 15ml
  • Ebony Wood Eau de Parfum - 15ml
  • Amalfi Sunray Eau de Parfum - 15ml
  • Fleur D'Oranger Eau de Parfum - 15ml
  • Tubereuse Noir Eau de Parfum - 15ml
  • Fleur de Patchouli Eau de Parfum - 15ml
  • Bohemian Bluebells Eau de Parfum - 15ml
  • Jo's Rhubarb Eau de Parfum - 40ml
  • Vetiver Pamplemousse Aromatic Candle - 35g
  • Waterlily Tea Dress Aromatic Candle - 35g
  • Ebony Wood Aromatic Candle - 35g
  • Amalfi Sunray Aromatic Candle - 35g
  • Fleur D'Oranger Aromatic Candle - 35g
  • Tubereuse Noir Aromatic Candle - 35g
  • Fleur de Patchouli Aromatic Candle - 35g
  • Bohemian Bluebells Aromatic Candle - 35g
  • Vetiver Pamplemousse Hand and Body Wash - 50ml
  • Waterlily Tea Dress Hand and Body Wash - 50ml
  • Ebony Wood Hand and Body Wash - 50ml
  • Amalfi Sunray Hand and Body Wash - 50ml
  • Vetiver Pamplemousse Body Lotion - 50ml
  • Waterlily Tea Dress Body Lotion - 50ml
  • Ebony Wood Body Lotion - 50ml
  • Amalfi Sunray Body Lotion - 50ml
  • Jo's Rhubarb Eau de Parfum - 40ml

Zara is known for its sell-out fashion and beauty buys, so we highly recommend getting in there quick if you don't want to miss out.

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