The White Company’s first silk pillowcase can help you prevent wrinkles

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  • The White Company, one of our faves, have launched their ever first silk pillowcase.

    We already love their candles and scents, and now we have one more fabulous product to add to the list – their silk pillowcase.

    Silk pillowcases have long been the secret of beauty editors and celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whitely (who told Vogue it’s the only beauty secret she’s willing to share), Victoria Beckham and Cindy Crawford.

    But why should you swap and trusty – and cheaper – cotton pillowcase for a silk version? Well, it turns out that sleeping on silk comes with a lot of benefits for your skin and hair.

    Silk Beauty Pillowcase For Hair & Skin

    The White Company silk pillowcase

    SHOP NOW: Silk Beauty Pillowcase For Hair & Skin, £60, The White Company

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    SHOP NOW: The White Company's silk pillowcase

    Silk Beauty Pillowcase For Hair & Skin

    Rest your head on our luxuriously soft pure-silk pillowcase, available in a timeless chalk and petal pink.

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    What are the benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase?

    It will help you prevent wrinkles

    Silk pillowcases are actually recommended by dermatologists as an anti-ageing tool, because they help your skin retain its natural moisture, plus all your creams and serums – unlike cotton, which absorbs moisture from your skin.

    Skin is kept soft and supple while you sleep, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

    This also makes it a soothing choice for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

    Your pillow will stay cool for longer

    Silk is not a good conductor for heat, which means it will stay cooler for longer – and who doesn’t love that ‘cool pillow’ feeling? No need to turn it mid snooze…

    It reduces frizz and keeps your hair smooth and shiny

    When it comes to your hair, silk has the same naturally-occurring proteins as your hair, which is thought to keep your mane strong, shiny and healthy.

    The smooth surface also avoids friction and static, so you can wake up with softer hair and less frizz.

    It will make your blow dry stretch last longer

    Because the material is less absorvent, your scalp won’t need to produce as much oil during the night – making your no wash days go up, and your dry shampoo bill go down.

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    What are shoppers saying?

    Since its recent launch, customers have already been raving about the new addition.

    One customer said, ‘Excellent product. After being skeptical I was blown away at how after a nights sleep on the silk pillow case it makes your hair and skin feel and look great.’

    Another added, ‘I have only slept once with the silk pillow case but my hair was far less stressed than when I use cotton pillow cases.’

    We’re sold…

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