This expert-backed serum has been shown to reduce hair loss by 95% – and it's back in stock

The new hair serum has previously sold out completely, but you can get your hands on it again now

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As we go through different stages of life, many of us will experience hair thinning, changes in hair texture and even hair loss at some stage. Among the products that claim to ease those concerns, the new UKHair Hair Growth Serum has been a sell-out success.

Whether it's due to hormonal changes, stress, nutrition, age or genetics, many of us will experience hair loss or slower hair growth at some point. When trying to manage such concerns, it can feel as though you've used all of the best shampoos for thinning hair or best conditioners for fine hair without seeing much improvement.

But lash brand UKLash recently launched a hair serum which was two years in the making and claims to reduce hair loss by 95%, as well as encouraging the hair to grow more consistently. Having flown off the shelves – selling at a rate of once every 22 seconds and going out of stock in just four days – and amassing over 3,000 waiting list sign-ups for news of its return, keen shoppers will be glad to hear that it's back in stock once again with an improved formula. 

What is the new UKHair hair serum?

Hailing from award-winning, sell-out lash growth serum brand UKLash, the new UKHair Hair Growth Serum promises fast and consistent results with its blend of nature-derived ingredients.

Pea sprout extract (AnaGain™) works to repair the hair from the root and stimulate hair growth, while anti-inflammatory turmeric revitalises the scalp for healthy hair. The inclusion of phytic acid removes build-up on the scalp to create a healthy environment for hair growth and lemon fruit water aims to strengthen hair follicles for consistent and healthy growth.

And the brand has seen some pretty amazing results already. A study that had participants testing 1–5 drops daily over a three-month period saw an 85% increase in hair regrowth and 95% reduction in hair loss. What's more, 80% of participants experienced less breakage, while 95% saw an overall improvement in the look and feel of their hair.

Will the UKHair Hair Growth Serum help with hair thinning?

There are many causes of thinning hair in women, according to trichologist Hannah Gaboardi, an ambassador for UKLash. "Hair thinning can be caused by various factors, including genetics, hormonal changes, medical conditions, stress, diet and certain medications," she says.

"Ageing itself can affect the hair follicles and the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for hair colour," she adds, "And excessive use of heat styling tools, chemical treatments (like colouring or perming) and tight hairstyles can damage the hair shaft and lead to breakage and thinning over time."

When it comes to how to stop thinning hair, Gaboardi advises "[using] gentle hair care products, avoiding products containing harsh chemicals or sulphates and limiting heat styling and chemical treatments" to care for hair. "Scalp massages can help improve circulation to the hair follicles, promote relaxation and support healthy hair growth," she adds. 

"Supplement support with UKHAIR Hair Growth Serum, which is powered by pisum sativum pea sprout extract and turmeric, which work harmoniously to revitalise the scalp and create an optimum environment for hair growth during tumultuous periods."

How should you apply the UKLash Hair Growth Serum?

According to the brand's website, the best way to apply is the serum is as follows.

  1. Apply three to five drops daily (or one to two if targeting a specific area) on a damp or dry, clean scalp.
  2. Massage the product into the scalp thoroughly with your fingertips, making sure to cover all areas of concern.
  3. Wait for the serum to dry and absorb into the root before styling – no need to rinse out.
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