This Vitamin C serum from Avon sells every 60 seconds – and it's now on sale

Vitamin C is the buzzword at the moment, and we’ve all heard of the benefits of the power nutrient, which can be found in citrusy fruits such as oranges, as well as fruit like strawberries and blackcurrants.

If you’re looking for a healthy glow, a Vitamin C serum could be what you're looking for, as it has some wonderful benefits for your skin.

Skincare experts say that the benefits of Vitamin C include:

  • It's an anti-oxidant
  • Great for anti-ageing
  • Contains radiance-boosting properties.

However, aside from eating a crate of oranges a day, it can be hard to ensure our skin gets the required amount of vitamin C it needs. Most of us don’t even know that it has anti-ageing properties, with only one in five aware of this. Less than one in 5 of us have ever used Vitamin c as part of our regime.

As a result, Avon has released a new Vitamin C range for you to include into your skincare regime – and it is an absolute steal at only £14, down from £20 at the moment. You can get your hands on this magic serum here.

vitamin c serum

What’s more, this product has been causing such a stir that Avon have said one bottle of the serum is sold every 60 seconds since its launch on 17th May.

Be quick, as with this amount of popularity, the offer may not last very long.

The product contains the equivalent of 30 oranges in one bottle, so you don’t need to be ploughing through the orange juice every day.

The range has a high concentrate of Vitamin C to boost your natural glow and counteract some of the damaging effects of modern life, such as pollution, stress, lack of sleep or water, smoking and caffeine.

Dr Susan Mayou, a consultant dermatologist, says that applying Vitamin C directly to the face – rather than just ingesting it – should be be an essential part of our skincare routines.

“Vitamin C is widely regarded by skin experts as one of the most potent anti-oxidants in the world, so it’s definitely time for its benefits to become more widely known,” she said.

vitamin c serum

However, products containing Vitamin C can cost up to £50 or more. MZ Skin’s Vitamin C serum costs £245 for 30ml – so we think this one is a bit of a steal!

Avon says their serum, Anew Vitamin C Radiance Maximising Serum, will deliver concentrated Vitamin C straight onto you skin for a “boost of radiance instantly”.

A study showed that after a week, skin looked and felt healthier, while after two weeks, skin looked smoother and more even.

Users of the product have been praising their new-found glow after using the product, with one reviewer writing, ‘have been using now for at least 4 weeks. Really pleased and have noticed a difference. My skin is much smoother and glowing. Would recommend without a doubt’.

Another commented on the value of the Vitamin C serum, commenting, ‘A little bit goes a long way - fantastic value! You really do need only a couple of drops of this serum once or twice a day to make a visible difference to your skin. It has already helped to fade age spots (dark areas) on my cheeks and has clearly brightened up my skin overall. People have commented about well my skin looks.’

vitamin c serum

The Anew range also includes capsules to boost radiance. One of the capsules contains a power shot of 20% concentrated vitamin C that stays active on the skin for 48 hours.

These handy mini-doses cost only £12 down from £20, giving you a saving of £8. You can purchase them here.

We'll be stocking up in bulk...


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