There's a very good reason why you shouldn’t wash your face in the shower

Might have to make a change!

simple reason shouldnt wash face shower
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These days we’re all low on time.

We seem to be living in an era when the days, weeks, months and years whizz by so quickly that we go from Valentine’s Day to New Year’s Eve in the blink of an eye.

And because of all of our busy lives, speed, convenience and efficiency are key in everything that we do.

So when it comes to complicated skincare routines, we do everything we can do to streamline it as much as we can.

Because really who has time for a seven-step cleanse, tone, serum, eye cream, moisturiser, oil, mist routine?

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And while we can cut, merge or postpone some steps in our skincare routine, one that really does need to be completed is the cleanse part.

So to save on time many of us just whack on our face wash while we lather up in the shower or and let our locks soak in conditioner. Multi-tasking to the max.

But it turns out that this might not be the best idea.

According to a skincare expert, you should never wash your face in the shower because, understandably, the skin on the face needs to be treated differently to the skin on your body.

simple reason shouldnt wash face shower

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And this is especially the case when it comes to water temperature.

Skin health specialist Jasmina Vico, who is actress Jodie Comer’s facialist, has revealed that the temperature you keep the water for your body to be comfortable during a shower can be damaging to the skin on your face.

“As tempting as a long, hot shower might seem in winter, it can be damaging for the skin and can cause both redness and irritability,” Jasmina told Stylist.

“Hot water also dehydrates the skin and can cause inflammation. So for those reasons, your face should always be washed with tepid water.”

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Sounds pretty simple to us!

And if you think about it, when washing your face in the shower you’re probably actually using a lot more water than you would if you wash in the sink .

So making the quick switch from shower to sink could be better for the environment too!

Might have to schedule in an extra couple of minutes for that trusty skincare routine…

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