This amazing Philips laser hair removal tool is now £150 off on Amazon

This is not a drill...

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Calling all beauty obsessives: Philips' at-home laser hair removal tool is now £150 cheaper than its retail price on Amazon.

Lockdown saw women across the UK become experts in DIY beauty: fromeyebrow tinting to hair dyeing. But when it comes to at-home hair removal, sometimes it's good to err on the side of caution – because let's face it, most of us have a horror story or two about home waxing gone awry.

But our prayers have been answered in the form of the Philips Lumea Prestige: a safe, dermatologist-approved, at-home tool providing long lasting hair removal.

And at £150.00 off the original retail price, now's your chance to try it. Amazon are selling the salon quality gadget for £325.00 – hugely reduced from its RRP of £475.00.

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It's no wonder the Prestige is the number one IPL brand in the UK: where a single in-clinic treatment can set you back up to £800 for a four treatment course on one area, the Lumea promises 6 months of hair-free skin for half the price.

(Philips also offer a 100 per cent satisfaction or full money back guarantee, so if lasering is not for you after all, worry not.)

The Lumea can be used on the face, the body and the bikini line (no more dreaded ingrown hairs) and comes with an attachment tailored to each area. It also has a sensor that measures your skin tone and indicates the best setting for you.

The IPL tool boasts four-and-a-half star reviews on Amazon, (it can't be for everybody) with customers praising its ability to remove even the darkest of hairs.

'This is my first ever review and it is only to say how much this item actually works I didn't expect this product to work so well,'wrote one satisfied customer.'I have PCOS so my hairs are a lot more prominent but I have only used this product TWICE and there's already a significant effect on the amount and regrowth time of the hair. Honestly this works. I have spent hundreds at laser only to fulfill 8 sessions and always need more. Atleast with this product it's a one-time spend but can be used nearly everywhere and countless times.'

Another customer hailed the gadget as 'a life changer'. 'I have eliminated 90% of my full body hair,'she wrote.

At £150 off? It'd be rude not to.

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