Lush’s iconic Snow Fairy Christmas range is back – and there’s some brand new products


We love Christmas traditions, especially when it comes to our favourite beauty products. Every year we see the return of smells such as cinnamon, peppermint and of course, Lush’s signature Snow Fairy.

The super sweet candy floss scent has been popular for years, and is easily recognisable by its pink colour. As well as candy floss, it’s got notes of bubblegum and Persian lime oil for a truly indulgent bath time experience.

Of course, the first Christmas product back on our shelves is their Snow Fairy Shower Gel. It’s available in 100g, 250g, 500g or a massive 1kg, so there’s a size to suit everyone.


SHOP NOW: Snow Fairy Shower Gel, £5 - £28, Lush

Next is the ‘naked’ version of the Snow Fairy Shower Gel, if you’re passionate about going plastic-free. It’s the same great scent minus all the packaging. This is only available in one standard size currently.


SHOP NOW: Snow Fairy Naked Shower Gel, £8, Lush

Another naked product is their body conditioner, which contains fair trade cocoa, avocado and mango butters. The result? Soft and smooth skin!


SHOP NOW: Snow Fairy Naked Body Conditioner, £9, Lush

Much-loved multi use product Fun has its own Snow Fairy variety, and it can be used as a soap, shampoo, or held under the tap to create bubbles. Why buy multiple products when you can have it all with one?


SHOP NOW: Snow Fairy Fun, £8.95, Lush

For a fun alternative to regular toothpaste, why not try some of Lush’s toothpaste jelly? It both smells and tastes sweet (if you’re bored of mint), and contains xylitol and stevia to supress bacteria growth.

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SHOP NOW: Tooth Fairy Toothpaste Jelly, £5, Lush

This Amazeball product is basically a two in one bath bomb. Either sprinkle the dust into your bath water, or put the whole thing in there.


SHOP NOW: Snow Fairy Crystal Ball Amazeball, £8.50, Lush

Or, stick to the conventional bath bomb which will turn your bath waters pink and smells gorgeously sweet.


SHOP NOW: Snow Fairy Bath Bomb, £4.95, Lush

Snow Fairy is even available in soap form now, with this very festive looking hand and body soap. Not only does it smell lovely, it also leaves your skin feeling great too, so it’s a win-win.


SHOP NOW: Snow Fairy Hand and Body Soap, £4.50, Lush

It’s available as a makeup product too, in the form of a bold pink highlighter. So if you fancy rocking a blinding look this Christmas season, why not pick one up? It’s glittery too!


SHOP NOW: Snow Fairy Glow Stick Solid Highlighter, £12, Lush

Will you be picking up any of these Lush products for yourself or maybe as a gift?

There's plenty of festive goodies to choose from this year!

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