This sell-out body scrub that helps tackle both cellulite and acne has made a return

Cellulite and acne are a pain to deal with, but this miraculous body scrub claims to tackle both skin problems - and so it's no surprise that fans are going wild with its return!

The product is Frank Body Shimmer Scrub, and due to its huge popularity, the product flew off the shelves and sold out, but now it is back!

The popular shimmer scrub promises to exfoliate, moisturise and leave you with a glistening glow - perfect for festive celebrations!

And it has many benefits, including its natural ingredients. Grapeseed oil and and the anti-ageing ingredient Vitamin E can both be found in this dreamy, vegan-friendly scrub.

Another, perhaps more surprising ingredient, is roasted coffee grinds, acting as apparently, the ‘best exfoliator in the universe.’ According to Frank, the coffee grinds naturally buff away dry skin for a smooth result. And the salt and sugar in the scrub also leaves skin feeling smooth, keeping skin issues such as acne and cellulite at bay.

The scrub has gone down very well with reviewers, with one writing, 'I love all of the Frank products but this one has to be my favourite! It provides the perfect amount of luminous shimmer and smells absolutely incredible! So perfect for the party season!

Another fan of the product said, ‘Smells delicious, feels amazing and looks divine. This product does exactly what it says it will - the shimmer is perfection!’

And although one one reviewer felt the shimmer scrub was not necessarily one of the best, saying, ‘I find this product doesn’t last as long as the others and I find myself using more then I would with the other scrubs.’ the positive reviews were plentiful.

One reviewer also felt the scrub helps with eczema, ‘I AM A SOFT AND SPARKLY FAIRY PRINCESS. (Plus, my eczema is gone, my skin smells like a dream and I will never buy another brand ever.)’

What can this scrub not do?

Frank Body actually sells a wide variety of scrubs - including coconut coffee scrub and peppermint coffee scrub.

The Frank Body Shimmer Scrub is a festive-season must as well as the key to defeating frustrating skin issues. It would make a fabulous Christmas gift at only £15.95. You can find it here.

If you fancy shimmering up, you better be quick before it sells out again!

Amy Hunt

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