Boots launch affordable new range of mindful skincare products

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  • Rarely are we more relaxed than when we've got an hour to ourselves, to pamper and take care of our bodies.

    Whether you prefer to indulge in a face mask, a bath, or simply a long hot shower, it feels good to know you’re giving your body what it deserves after long days of work, exercise, family duties, or whatever else you have going on.

    Which is why, when we heard about Boot’s new mindful face, hand and body product range, we were all ears.

    The popular retailer have just launched a brand new collection of goodies, called Live + Be, designed to prioritise mindfulness and relaxation.

    There are a whole host of products just waiting to be sampled – nine different ones to be specific – each created to help you destress and centre yourself.

    So just how does it to do this? Well, the products, which range from body scrubs, bath soaks and hand creams, to body creams and bath bombs, all come in four different scents, from a natural, earthy woodland option to a calming, rose perfume.

    Each of the products also come complete with their own unique directions for use, which may be a bit different to the ones you’re used to.

    While your normal body cream may just tell you to apply to dry patches of skin, Boots’ Live + Be range gives customers tips on how to incorporate mindfulness into your skin and bodycare routine.

    The description for the body souffle reads, for example, ‘Smooth this lightly whipped cream onto your skin in gentle, thoughtful strokes. As it softens your skin take a moment to be aware of your thoughts, letting them float gently by without judgement, while you enjoy a quiet, mindful pause.’

    And we reckon it’s no bad thing to have a reminder to take a minute for ourselves every one in a while, right?

    Boots’ new range is also as zen as it is affordable, with the products starting from just £2.50, for the hand creams, and going up to £5.50 for the face and body mask.

    And you can buy the entire range online HERE.

    We can’t wait to get our hands on this one…

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