Body Shop have a new head-to-toe beauty butter and it's the only product you need for 2019

Face mask, hair mask, scrub and moisturiser; this nourishing butter does it all. So natural, you can even eat it (though we'd rather take advantage of its skin softening properties!)

The Body Shop is one of our go-to stores for all things self-care. So when we heard about four new products that have just launched in their popular Shea range, we were all ears.

Perhaps the most exciting of all the new launches is the multi-purpose 100% raw The Body Shop Shea Butter - which can do almost anything.

The butter - which has been described as 'intensely nourishing' - may well become your new beauty go-to, as it can work on your body, face, hair and lips.

Shea Butter moisturiser

Apply it to your skin to help soothe dry and sensitive patches. You can also use it (sparingly) as a facial moisturiser under your usual foundation.

Shea butter hair mask

If your hair is feeling a little dry and sad in this freezing winter weather, it can also work brilliantly as an overnight hair mask, if mixed with the Body Shop's Coconut Hair Oil.

Massage onto your whole head or apply to split ends, to help them recover and to help you achieve softer, more nourished locks.

Shea Butter frizz tamer

It can also be used to help style your hair, if you're looking to manage any unruly curls. Smooth onto ends after blowdrying for an added moisture boost.

Shea Butter lip & body scrub

And if that weren't enough, the new Body Shop Shea Butter can also be used as a lip balm and scrub (when paired with sugar), a body exfoliator, or as a shower cream to help soothe your skin. What more could you want?!

Shea butter face mask

Slather this nourishing butter over your face before bed and you'll wake up feeling soft and hydrated.

For a quick fix in the morning, massage into the skin with sweeping upwards movements to encourage lymphatic drainage, then wash off with warm water.

The verdict...

Containing a whopping 192 shea nuts, it seems the new product is proving popular with first testers too. The Body Shop reported that 85% of people who have already tried it agree that their agree body, face and lips feel restored with moisture, while 82% agree very dry, sensitive body skin feels instantly soothed.

However, it isn't just the new Shea Butter we can look forward to as a new release from The Body Shop. They've also just launched a Shea Butter hair mask, Shea Butter shampoo, and Shea Butter conditioner.

Mostly aimed at dry hair that has suffered damage, the restorative powers of shea butter will leave you with locks that feel as soft and nourished as ever. And let's be honest, that's something we all need at this time of year - when the harsh weather can wreck havoc on our hair.

You can shop all the new products here.

You can also be assured that if you pick up some of the new products, you're helping women in Ghana, as part of the Tungteiya Women’s Association

The new range means The Body Shop can increase their order of shea by 30%, which will help to boost funding for the Tungteiya Women’s Association, which provides a living for 600 women in 11 villages in the Tamale region of Northern Ghana.

The new products in the Shea range launch in stores and online 19th February, so be sure to pick up your favourite products ASAP.

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