This £2.99 Touche Éclat dupe concealer pen from Aldi has already sold out online

woman applying concealer

We’ve all had those small blemishes and dark circles under our eyes we wish we could zap away with a magic wand hence why so many of us carry around a trusty concealer pen.

They certainly are handy, however often come with a hefty price tag. Once again however, Aldi has come to the rescue by selling a concealer pen that costs only £2.99. A beauty bargain if we've ever seen one!

The Lacura concealer pen promises to cover blemishes quickly and easily, as well as offering instant highlighting at the touch of a button.

Aldi’s concealer pen comes in three different shades and you can choose from; cashmere, amber and savanna.

One reviewer who gave the cashmere concealer a 5 star review, said, ‘Lovely concealer goes on nice and blends in well.’

This must-have make-up item has been compared to a very popular beauty product fans love to use as a concealer - Touche Éclat by beauty brand Yves Saint Laurent - and it must be said the beauty items do look very similar.

There is a big difference however and that is the price. The Touche Éclat costs £26 compared to Aldi’s dupe which is only £2.99.

The Lacura cashmere concealer pen is described as a ‘must-have cream in a handy push button pen’ and this item certainly does sound convenient as not only does it cover up blemishes and dark circles as a concealer, but also doubles up as an eyeshadow base.

The Lacura concealer pen range has proved so popular, all three shades have sold out online so you will have to nip to your nearest Aldi store if you fancy picking up your own Lacura concealer pen.

One happy customer who had tried out the Aldi alternative said, ‘Bought the well known version ( & way more expensive ) of this but can't tell any difference in quality at all !! Got 2 & will definitely be stocking up asap!!’

To learn more about the recently launched YSL Touche Éclat high cover, read here.

At such a great price, it certainly is tempting to try Aldi’s concealer pen. Will you be adding it to your beauty bag?

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