Leather Forever

175 years of Hermes

Hermès celebrates its 175-year anniversary this year and, to mark the occasion, is a new exhibition in the Royal Academy of Art's sister space, 6 Burlington Gardens, London.

Take a journey into the leather-bound world of this iconic brand, best known for their world-famous Kelly and Birkin bags. There's a whole intriguing history on display here, which began with founder Thierry Hermes making horse bridles and harnesses and has seen the business passed from one generation to another. There's also a chance to see some very special Hermes items - including bags and scarves commissioned by the Duke of Windsor for Wallis Simpson - and newer creations such as a series of four unique bags designed to represent England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, which will be auctioned later this year. Also, not to be missed, are the bag-making demonstrations from Hermes' Parisian craftspeople.

Runs 8 to 27 May, royalacademy.org.uk

Nathalie Whittle
Nathalie Whittle

Natalie Whittle is a British journalist specialising in celebrity content in the women's lifestyle sector. She previously held the role of Celebrity Director at Woman & Home and has also worked at Prima, Red & Good Housekeeping.