How the Duchess of Sussex is returning to her 'authentic' pre-royal style

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Meghan Markle is enjoying returning to her pre-royal style now she's living back in America with husband Prince Harry, according to a fashion stylist.

The Duchess of Sussex has overhauled the way she dresses now she's no longer a senior working royal.

According to stylist Susie Hasler - who runs Styled By Susie - Meghan, 39, is reverting to her pre-royal sense of style and is embracing the laid-back California look.

She told Femail, "While Meghan always looked amazing when on royal engagements, with incredible gowns, and suits, it was clear she didn't feel entirely comfortable. She's now ditched the power dressing and the formal wear for casual clothes and she looks so much more comfortable."

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Having moved back to the place she was raised, Meghan's style has become far more "authentic". Susie adds, "She looks as though she's now dressing in a way that's authentic to her."

In recent weeks fans have seen Meghan in shorts again for the first time in ages - a clear sign that she's reverting back to her "pre-royal style".

The stylist explains, "Meghan has great legs, so why not show them off? While it's something we would not see with other royal ladies on duty, now that Meghan has stepped down, she is embracing her pre-royal style again.

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"This is another nod to her past life. She looks comfortable, not flashy, more girl-next-door."

While she and Harry made the drastic decision to step back from their royal duties, that hasn't stopped Meghan from making several at-home appearances in recent months to raise awareness for causes close to her heart - including kindness online and the importance of voting.

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And her evolving sense of style has become clearer during those virtual appearances, culminating in Meghan's most relaxed look yet during her backyard chat with Gloria Steinem.

The black-and-white clip – shared by MAKERS Women – shows Meghan and Gloria sitting outdoors, with The Duchess of Sussex wearing pin-stripe trousers, a soft t-shirt and an oversized hat.

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