James Martin shares throwback snap of his 20-year-old self – and fans are surprised!

James Martin
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James Martin has a legion of fans, and they were very intrigued to see what he looked like when he was younger.

The TV chef shared a throwback picture as part of the ‘Me at 20’ challenge that’s been going round on social media (and even Nigella Lawson has participated).

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Alongside his picture, he wrote, ‘Ha ha just got asked to find a picture of me at 20 years old, for some reason people are doing it. Here’s one #MeAt20’.

Many of his fans were happy to see what a young James Martin looked like, but turns out that most of them actually prefer the current JM version.

One said, ‘Aged like a fine wine 😍’, while another said, ‘Handsome but more handsome now 😁’.

A third added, ‘Gorgeous then, gorgeous now Mr M x’.

Others seemed to think he actually hasn’t changed much, with one saying, ‘You’ve not changed one bit 😍’.

The fun challenge comes after the chef revealed he’s actually putting his extra free time during lockdown to very good use - cooking homemade pasta and giving them to people in his village.

After his intial batch of 3,000 bags, James has started making more over the weekend.

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Speaking on Good Morning Britain, he said, “I grabbed a big pasta machine, we’ve got this big industrial pasta machine, brought it back to my house and because we’ve got a bakery I grabbed whatever flour I could, whatever eggs I could, whatever semolina flour I could and rather than just deliver 25 kilo bags of flour, I thought I’d transform it into stuff.

“So I set about doing pasta and it’s just gone a bit crazy. Over 1000 kilos I’ve made now. Tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of it. You make it, dry it out and bag it up.

“I thought I can’t go around the village and drop it off, we’ve got a local Facebook page and where we live is probably eight or 10 miles from a supermarket so it’s not the easiest thing for people of a certain age to go out and get supplies so I put a little post online saying for people to come and collect it from a little table outside the front of the gate and that was it, it’s taken over from there.”