These foods could be the reason behind your lowered sex drive

The full list of libido-lowering foods has been revealed...

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You've got to be in the mood for making love right? But have you ever thought that the type of foods you are eating could be sabotaging the amount of sex you're having?

And we're not just talking about having your hands full, with a chocolate bar in one hand and one of the best vibrators in the other.

A full list of libido-lowering foods has been revealed and you'll be surprised which tasty treats are on the list - and could even be blocking you in bed.

Surprisingly there's no garlic or onion in sight - instead, partners are more likely to skip sex after eating a bar of chocolate, according to researchers who claim the sweet treat is packed full of chemicals that give the brain a similar boost to those given after making love - leaving them to feel satisfied in the bedroom just as much as great sex.

Chocolate is everywhere right now, with shops stocking all their incredible Easter egg buys, it's difficult to not resist temptation.

But before you purchase your tenth chocolate bunny, if you'd prefer to be 'at it like rabbits' with your other half - taking part in the best sex trends of 2021 - then put down the chocolate and pucker up.

While chocolate could be the secret to why some single people are happy being on their own, it's one food that has been linked to affecting your mood.



Fizzy drinks

Soy milk or tofu

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Bottled water


Tinned food

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White flour

Mint herb

Cow's cheese

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