Superdrug has today launched the first in its brand new range of services for the menopause - a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) 'Online Doctor' initiative.

The retailer has announced that it will be launching the service to help menopausal women, by assessing their eligibility for HRT, and providing treatment and instructions.

HRT is a commonly used method to help ease the symptoms of the menopause, which can include hot sweats and an inability to sleep.

Customers can access the service online, and can get next-day delivery on treatment options. Alternatively, they can pick up the treatment in store.

The service will be the first in a range of initiatives for menopausal women, the rest of which are set to be announced throughout the year.

Superdrug have said that they are launching the services for those going through the menopause as way to support older women, and also to "break down the societal taboos associated with this life stage."

Other HRT Alternatives

The retailer's psychologist, Dr Becky Spelman, admitted that the taboo around the menopause needs to be broken down - and that this new, mainstream service could help that along.

Se said, “From Loose Women’s Andrea Mclean calling for ‘M’ plates to French Rom Com ‘I Got Life’ raising awareness about menopausal symptoms there’s some impetus to break down taboos about the menopause.

“However, we often forget that it’s not just the physical but also the psychological symptoms that can have an impact, sometimes serious, on women’s quality of life and self-esteem.

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“Whilst women and men both get older and see physical changes in their bodies menopause is a dramatic signal of aging for a woman, this can make way for self-reflection and, often, self-criticism.

Dr Becky continued, “Hormone replacement therapy, ideally accompanied by a good diet and healthy lifestyle, and possibly also a range of dietary supplements, can vastly improve menopausal symptoms and make what is often a difficult few years easier to manage—and with fewer, and reduced, physical symptoms, problems associated with psychological distress are likely to be reduced too.”

Hormone replacement therapy works to replace the oestrogen and progestron hormones often lost during the menopause. The loss of these hormones can cause all sorts of symptoms, from chills, mood changes, weight gain, and a reduced libido.

HRT can relieve many of the physical symptoms, although it's important to note that it may not be suitable for everyone.

Amy Hunt
Amy Hunt

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