These 7 outlet stores always have running shoes on sale – grab a bargain!

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Devoted runner? You'll need to upgrade your running shoes every 500 miles (around six months), so you’ll want to look for the best deals.

Even thebest running shoes for womenaren’t everlasting. Sadly, however far you run, and however frequently, your trainers will experience wear-and-tear. As running shoes start to break down, the chances of injury increase, so you do need to replace them at regular intervals. Sound expensive? It doesn't have to be thanks to arunning shoes sale. But where do you look? Well, if you don’t want to spend a fortune every six months, it’s worth looking at outlet stores that sell branded running shoes but at discounted prices.

Some outlet stores specialise in selling discounted sportswear and running shoes, with stock coming from a number of different brands. Other are part of the brands’ own business – both Adidas and Reebok have outlet stores online. But why would a brand sell their own shoes at a discount?

Outlets exist for many reasons. Brands sometimes overproduce products and regular retail stores frequently need to make room for new lines of stock. The point is, if you’re clever, you could buy a new pair of trainers for half the price you would normally pay for them.

To help you out with that, we’ve put together a rundown of some of the best outlet stores where you can get a bargain on running shoes. And you may be able to get your hands on some other sportswear deals at the same time! Win, win.

Running shoes sale: where to look

1 Reebok Outlet

Reebok is well known for quality clothes and shoes, and their online outlet (which is part of the main website) offers a running shoes sale. Expect discounted prices that range from 10-50% off. The outlet even features relatively new trainer designs. Right now you might find its Reebok Lite 2.0 and Zig Kineteca shoe marked down. Don’t mind waiting to get your hands on a Reebok design a few months after they’re released? Then it’s worth having a browse on their outlet shop to see if you can bag yourself a discount.

Reebok Lite 2.0

Reebok Lite 2.0

2 The Running Outlet

This online shop, and store (based in Canterbury) has been selling discounted running clothes and shoes for just over ten years. Since it opened, the shop has expanded its range. Now you’ll find well-known running brands such as Brooks and Asics available to buy. Among other great deals, you’ll find discounts ranging from 10-20% on running shoes that were new to the market last year.

3 Adidas

Adidas is another well-known brand that has an outlet and discounted section on its website. As well as running clothes and accessories it also applies discounts to its women’s running shoes. With up to 50% off relatively new lines, including its Alphaboost and PulseBoost shoes (both of which were released last year), it’s worth seeing if the trainers you want are featured on the site with a discount. If you want to shop in person, rather than online, the brand also has various brick-and-mortar outlets throughout the country.

Adidas PulseBoost

Adidas PulseBoost

4 Sports Direct Outlet

The sports shop that sells everything from football kits to workout gear, also has an outlet section on its website, complete with discounted running shoes. Covering a spectrum of brands, from Adidas to Karrimor, you can usually find big offers (sometimes more than 50% off certain items). Looking for newer models, such as the Adidas Rockadia 3 trail running shoes? You’ll find offers sitting at around 20-30% off the RRP.

running shoes sale: Adidas Rockadia 3 trail

Adidas Rockadia 3

5 New Balance

New Balance is known for its colourful, fresh and innovative styles of running shoes. Prices for its women’s running shoes usually range between £70 and £135. But, if you’re looking to buy its shoes at a lower price, the brand’s outlet section usually has offers. And they is usually between 30-50% off selected ranges. The shoes on offer won’t be NB’s newest lines, but if you want to pick up last season’s trainers – such as itsFuelCell Echo– for half the price, then it’s definitely worth having a look.

6 Sports Shoes

Looking for year-round discounts of up to 74% off your running shoes? Then Sports Shoes is definitely worth a view. Plus, they may well have the pair you’ve had your eye on. With brands such as Asics and Salomon on the roster, there’s a good choice of trainers to shop. The outlet also has some recent releases – including, right now, Saucony’s Jazz 21 running shoes.

Saucony Jazz 21

running shoes sale: SAUCONY JAZZ 21

7 Asics Outlet

If one of your favourite running brands is Asics, then you’ll be excited to hear that they have an outlet shop online, too. This is the place to find the brand’s running shoes with reductions close to around £30-40. It doesn’t have the biggest range, and most of the featured shoes are lines which launched a couple of years ago. Loyal to the brand and want to pay a little bit less? Then this is the place to shop.