Walmart releases first-ever plant-based bra for only $12

The new designs are built to be both supportive and renewable

Kindly exclusive to Walmart
(Image credit: Victor Sanabrais (VSPstudios))

Today, there’s practically a plant-based alternative for anything—including your bra. Kindly, a new sustainable intimates brand, has officially released the first-ever plant-based bra in an exclusive collection through Walmart.

After three years of research, development, and testing, Kindly has produced arguably some of the best bras in the sustainable fashion industry. The bra cups are 80% plant-based, made with sustainably sourced sugarcane. For added comfort, the brand includes recycled materials like nylon and spandex to help fit your body's natural curves.

The collection is available to shop in US stores and online (opens in new tab). Choosing to partner with Walmart was essential for Kindly as the retailer looks to make sustainable shopping more affordable for everyone.


(Image credit: Victor Sanabrais (VSPstudios))

“Real sustainability does not exist without accessibility. When selecting a retail partner, Walmart was a no-brainer for us,” said Kindly CEO Yossi Nasser in a press release. “It’s important to us that Kindly is known not only for quality products, but more for creating a movement towards a more eco-friendly and attainable lifestyle for all.”

For women looking to switch up the types of bras they own, this collection features a variety of styles including the two types of bras and three bralette styles. 

Now that comfort has become a top priority for most people’s wardrobes, the brand also created the bras with a “post-pandemic lifestyle in mind,” with coziness being the forefront of the design. Typically padded bras come made with underwire, which, over time, can wear down and poke through causing discomfort. These plant-based bras remove the wire altogether and instead offer a seamless and non-wired design for a softer and smoother feel.


(Image credit: Victor Sanabrais (VSPstudios))

When it comes to choosing your bra, finding the perfect fit every time is essential. In an effort to provide wider accessibility to shoppers, sizes range from 34A to 40DD and cost as little as $12, compared to the typical $50 more luxury brands retail at.

Shop Kindly's plant-based bra collection:

Kindly Yours Women's Sustainable Tailored Full Cup T-Shirt Bra, $13.87 (opens in new tab) | Walmart

Featuring an adjustable back closure and comfortable straps, this recycled bra gives a seam-free finish—perfect for wearing under T-shirts.

Kindly Yours Women's Sustainable Wireless T-Shirt Bra, $13.87 (opens in new tab) | Walmart

This style comes in six shades and is also made from recycled materials.

Kindly Yours Women's Sustainable Seamless V-Neck Bralette, $11.87 (opens in new tab) | Walmart
Keep it seamless with this stylish bralette. If you're looking for all-day comfort, this was designed to move with you using spandex.

Kindly Yours Women's Seamless X-Back Bralette, $11.87 (opens in new tab) | Walmart

Naturally sourced sugarcane was used to complete this bralette's cup design—it even comes wire-free for a smoother appearance.

Kindly Yours Sustainable Micro Scoop Bralette, $11.87 (opens in new tab) | Walmart

Worry less about your bra showing in a low-neck top with this scoop-inspired sustainable bralette.

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