Scamp and Dude founder Jo Tutchener Sharp’s beauty must-haves - including the cleanser she can't live without

The Scamp and Dude’s founder fills us in on what keeps her skin looking so great.

Jo Tutchener Sharp of scamp and dude
(Image credit: Scarlet Page)

Few female entrepreneurs are more inspiring than Scamp and Dude's Jo Tutchener Sharp. The beauty publicist-turned fashion brand owner had an established career, working as Head of Communications for Estee Lauder and Tom Ford Beauty before founding her own PR agency Beauty Seen, running campaigns for the likes of NARS, Topshop Make Up, Decleor, Eve Lom and Cowshed.  

But in 2015 the unthinkable happened. Jo suffered a brain haemorrhage and had to leave her very young children for a lengthy stay in hospital to undergo life threatening brain surgery. It was during this dark time that Jo came up with the idea for Scamp and Dude - a fun lifestyle brand now loved by kids and fashionistas alike. 

Here, Jo reveals the favorite products that keep her looking great, from the best eye cream alternative that instantly tackles puffy eyes to the bargain cleanser she uses every day. 

Jo Tutchener Sharp

(Image credit: Scarlet Page)

My daily essential

Beauty Pie Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser

(Image credit: Beauty Pie)

Beauty Pie Japanfusion Cleanser

RRP: £7.47 for members, £25 non members

'Beauty Pie Japanfusion Cleanser' is my number one favorite cleanser.  I love the smell and the texture, and my skin feels really soft afterward - I hate cleansers that leave your skin feeling tight.  Beauty Pie is such a great concept and was created by Marcia Kilgore, a businesswoman I really respect and admire.  The formulations are great, and I use a lot of their products.'

My secret to great skin

The Light Salon Mask

(Image credit: The Light Salon)

The Light Salon Boost LED Mask

RRP: £395

'It's not cheap, but The Light Salon Boost LED Mask is my latest discovery and my new secret weapon for looking great.  Not only does this LED mask help my skin look brighter and less tired, but it also helps with my stress levels, too, as the soothing light is a real mood booster.'

For brighter eyes

Elemis Hydra Gel Eyemask

(Image credit: Elemis)

Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Mask

RRP: £52

'My eye bags are my problem area, and I use these Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Mask for an instant boost - they help the lines around my eyes too. I always use these before photoshoots as the results are instant.'

My glow-giver

Votary Night Oil

(Image credit: Votary)

Votary Intense Night Oil with Rosehip and Retinoid

RRP: £135

'I learned about the wonders of facial oils when I represented Decleor at my old PR agency and have been a fan of using them on my skin ever since.  I discovered Votary whilst shopping at Liberty in London.  I've used several of their facial oils and this new Votary Intense Night Oil with Rosehip and Retinoid is divine.  My skin just drinks up oils, and when I wake up in the morning, it really glows, too.' 

Desert island must-have

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

(Image credit: Estee Lauder)

'Many years ago I met the lead scientist at Estee Lauder who told me about the magical skin boosting powers of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. He was so inspiring, and I fell in love with using this youth boosting serum as a night skincare routine treat for my skin. I have stayed loyal to it ever since.'

Make-up super hero

Scamp & Dude Makeup bag

(Image credit: Scamp & Dude)

Scamp & Dude Make Up Bag

RRP: £25

'Having been obsessed with beauty all my life, when it came to designing my own make-up bag, I knew exactly how I wanted it to look.  The Scamp & Dude Make Up Bags are the perfect size, wipe clean and infused with superpowers!'

Double duty make-up

Milk Makeup Lip & Cheek in Flip

(Image credit: Milk Makeup)

Milk Makeup Lip & Cheek in Flip

RRP: £13

'I am a big fan of Milk Makeup. They're a really creative, inspiring brand, and I am never without the Milk Makeup Lip & Cheek in Flip to keep me looking groomed on the go.' 

Sarah Cooper-White

Group Beauty Director Sarah Cooper-White has almost 20 years experience as a beauty journalist. She has written for many well known national magazines, newspapers and brands including Woman & Home, Woman, Woman's Own, Woman's Weekly, Boots, Tesco, ELLE, InStyle, The Mirror, The Sun, Prima and Top Sante. 

Sarah's love for beauty started at a young age when she used to make up her own face masks and 'perfumes' in the kitchen made from herbs and flowers she'd grown in the garden! As a student she often blew much of her student loan on Ruby & Millie make-up and Lancome skincare and her signature look was a sparkly eyeshadow, even in the daytime (it was the 90s!). 

But it wasn't until her first proper job in magazines, as the Features Assistant at ELLE magazine, where she realised you could actually BE a beauty journalist and there and then she decided that was the job for her. Since then she's met hundreds of talented and inspiring people from hairstylists and dermatologists to biochemists and aestheticians and loves passing on their incredible knowledge through her writing. 

The power of beauty, whether it be make-up, haircare, skincare or fragrance, to make someone feel more confident, happier and generally better about themselves fascinates Sarah and she's a strong believer that beauty and self care is not a frivolous thing but essential to better mental health, empowerment and confidence. 

After being diagnosed with skin cancer in her 20s, Sarah developed a passion for skincare and is constantly on a quest to educate people about the importance of looking after their skin. She'll never say never to Botox but believes that a good skincare regime (as well as staying out of the sun) is one of the best investments you can make for your future self.