Virgin Holidays are offering 'Divorce Packages'

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Divorces can be an incredibly stressful experience, which is why Virgin Holidays have launched special packages tailored to those who have decided to split from their husband or wife.

Virgin Holidays have chosen Las Vegas to help divorced people enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation following the stresses of getting a divorce finalised.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), a 42 per cent of UK adults will get divorced, so this new package could appeal to lots of people.

Virgin Holidays also discovered that 29 per cent of those getting divorced want to go on holiday afterwards, for a bit of escapism.

78 per cent of Brits admitted that a holiday made them feel better about their new relationship status, as it allowed them to recharge.

Virgin Holidays

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The divorce holiday packages are certainly appealing, as they include personal styling sessions, photo shoots, shopping sprees, entertainment, various nightlife schedules, and excursions such as a helicopter flight over the strip.

In total, Virgin Holidays are offering three holiday packages, with a starting price of £999 per person. They’re tailored to four people, so ideal for recently divorced people who want to get away with friends.

Each package varies depending on what activities you’d enjoy most - you can choose between spa treatments, nightclubs and pool parties, depending on how wild you want it to be.

Virgin Holidays

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Joe Thompson, Managing Director of Virgin Holidays said: “Unfortunately divorce is a reality for one in two British adults, which can take its emotional toll, so we've launched a new range of products that are designed to give our customers a well-deserved break.

"We always listen to our customers and make a concerted effort to respond to changing demands. This is why we've curated holiday options that provides the perfect opportunity to reconnect with friends.

"Las Vegas continues to be a key destination for Virgin Holidays - the fun and vibrancy of this illuminated playground holds a timeless appeal with holiday-makers who want to explore this exciting city, and even escape reality for a short time."

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