I asked a Madrid resident where to get the best Spanish tortilla in the city, here’s what she told me…

Looking for the best tortillas in Marid? You’re going to want to listen up…

montage of the best tortilla in madrid from casa dani and juana la loca
(Image credit: Juana la Loca, Casa Dani)

Ah, Madrid, the cosmopolitan city delights with rustic bars, world-class museums, beautiful gardens, and some seriously top-notch hotels. 

But one element that often tips the balance in the great Madrid vs Barcelona debate is Madrid’s out-of-this-world tortilla. Quaint bars, bountiful markets, and chic restaurants all serve up their very own take on the classic Spanish bite, but what should we be looking for in a really great tortilla?

National Geographic España’s food editor Lucía Díaz Madurga, told us that in her opinion a classic Spanish tortilla only has three ingredients: egg, potato, and onion. Having interviewed pretty much every top chef in Spain, she reveals, “The chefs who know how to make it really well manage to get the omelette crisp on the outside, but juicy on the inside. This means every time you take a piece with your fork the tortilla falls apart inside, and the egg, and oil from frying the potatoes and onion create a sauce which is heavenly when mopped up with fresh bread."

montage of the best tortilla's in madrid, spain

(Image credit: Pez Tortilla, Casa Dani, Juana la Loca)

The debate on whether anything other than potato and egg should be included in the recipe has been long contested - some purists say not even a slither of onion should be included in a truly really authentic dish. But we’re not averse to a little modernisation, or the addition of exciting new ingredients, so with that in mind we spoke with keen foodie Lily Ridley who has been living and working in the Spanish capital for nine years. During this time she’s made it her mission to discover all of the culinary delights the enchanting city has to offer, and that includes finding the very best tortilla spots, too. 

Where to get the best tortilla in Madrid according to a local

Pez Tortilla

Cheap, fast, and trendy, with flavoursome twists on the traditional omelette. Lily’s personal faves are tomato and goat cheese tortilla, and the morcilla black pudding version. Pez changes the menu every so often, adding inventive new flavours, but they also serve very good croquettes and have an amazing craft beer selection. There are three cool locations across the city: Malasaña, Cortes and La Latina.
Address: C. de la Cava Baja, 42

Casa Dani

Everyone in Madrid knows Casa Dani, this stalwart family business located in the buzzing Mercado de la Pez has been whipping up award-winning tortillas since 1991. Their recipe for success? Crisp on the outside, super runny in the middle, and served with a huge piece of bread that’s perfect for mopping up every last bit of deliciousness. The no-frills joint pretty much always has a long queue, but the resulting tortilla (with onion or without) is worth the wait.
Address: Cl. de Ayala, 28

Bodega de la Ardosa

Store front of Bodega de la Ardosa

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Dating back to 1892, this traditional Madrileno bar in trendy Malasaña district is a must-visit on every Madrid trip - if not for the tortilla - then for the gorgeous interiors. Featuring hundreds of ancient bottles, ornate tiles, and dark woodwork, grab a glass of vermouth and settle in with a slice of Ardosa’s famed tortilla. Slightly firmer than Pez and Casa Dani‘s options, it’s a good shout for people who are not as keen on moist, or runny tortillas.
Address: C. de Colón, 13

Juana la Loca

This hip spot, in La Latina, offers a fabulous selection of moreish tapas as well as out-of-this-world tortillas. With more than 20 years of experience in crafting the perfect tortilla Juana la Loca’s version arrives on thick slices of bread and is the star of their quaint tavern - the perfect lunch spot after visiting nearby El Rastro market on a Sunday morning.
Address: Pl. de Prta de Moros, 4

El Buo

This cosy tavern offers perhaps the biggest tortilla in the entire city - certainly big enough for two people, and definitely not as runny as the other options on this list, it’s good for people who like their eggs thoroughly cooked. It also comes served with a delightful peppery, tomato sauce.
Address: C. del Humilladero, 4

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