angry woman christmas
angry woman christmas
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Tis' the season to be jolly. Of course we all love Christmas; it's that time of year to spread goodwill and joy, and love and happiness is all around. That is, until you're in Marks and Sparks with the perfect gift in mind, and someone else nabs the last one. That feeling of Christmas cheer you had been carrying around now turns into quiet irritation and resentment.

Yes, Christmas is a great time of year. But sometimes, there are little things that only happen around Christmas time that truly get on our nerves. We can't help it, but sometimes we transform from Santa Claus into Scrooge in the blink of an eye - and all it takes is is a shopping queue that's taking a teeny bit too long.

So while we love the season, here are some of those things that make us go ‘bah humbug'...

People putting glitter in Chistmas cards & presents

Glitter might look pretty, but our faces certainly won't be pretty when we rip open a card exploding with glitter which goes all over the carpet/ourselves/the cat/the freshly baked scones. We will still be finding glitter in our ears come March.

People who brag about their organisation

Yes, we know we probably should've started Christmas shopping in mid-September like you, but we're just not as organised and far too busy. By telling us, you'll just stress us out and no-one wants to be stressed at Christmastime.

Shops running out of good presents

This is one of the main reasons we can't stand those organised people - because we know they were right. Often we'll know exactly what to get someone but the shops will all run out the closer it gets to Christmas. Next year, we'll learn (probably not).

Constantly worrying about the dog

There's too much chocolate everywhere. Chocolate on the tree, chocolate presents... we'll constantly be shouting ‘be careful of the dogs!' Don't get us wrong, we love chocolate, but we love our dogs more!

Ridiculous queues

Every shop is jam-packed full of shoppers, and we'll all glare at them angrily, wondering why they couldn't have picked another time to shop - and you can be sure they are thinking the exact same thing about you. There's always those people who hold up the queues by taking forever finding their credit cards, or having an extended chat with the cashier - as if we're all just standing here for the fun of it.

Sticky tape

We can never find the ends and we end up finding tape stuck to the sofa for weeks. One day, they'll invent self-sticking wrapping paper and we will be in heaven!

Excessive packaging

On Christmas day, when our kids/grand-kids are opening their new Frozen dolls and Star Wars figures, we have to set aside at least two hours just to open the excessive amounts of packaging. When we're done, we'll barely be able to fit it all into the recycling bin, and we'll find little bits of wire stuck into the carpet.