Why Wordle today is driving players completely nuts with another challenging word

The Wordle today has infuriated fans, so here are some tips to help you solve the puzzle, plus the solution to this tricky challenge

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Wordle today has confused a lot of fans who have been frustrated by the New York Times' choice of word, but why is this word so challenging?

Wordle loves to frustrate players, and recent words such as 'foray,' 'lowly' and 'foyer' have often confused word game fans who are dumbfounded by this confusing game.

The Wordle today on April 21, 2022, is much like some of the other challenges from the New York Times and fans have been frustrated by this difficult puzzle, but how can you solve this game and why are players finding it so hard?

Hints for Wordle today

The Wordle today has an interesting format and contains three different vowels. These vowels are in somewhat uncommon positions and are the first, third, and fifth letter of this conundrum.

The second letter in this word is a consonant and this letter comes from the the end of an alphabet. This is another reason why fans are struggling to solve this challenge as the last three letters in the alphabet rarely make appearances in Wordle challenges.

The final clue about this challenge is that the word itself is scientific in nature. You will have certainly heard the word being discussed in chemistry classes and although it may have been a while since you used the word, you most certainly will have heard it before.

Be warned, we will now reveal today's Wordle...

Wordle is the online game that's swept the nation

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Wordle today

The Wordle today, on April 21, 2022, is...oxide. This word has infuriated fans who are confused and frustrated by this scientific term and have taken to social media to share their thoughts. 

"Wordle 306 X/6 F**K THIS ONE. OXIDE???? WTF WHO GOT THIS?" said one angry player.

"Wordle 306 6/6 I HATE U CHEMISTRY WHY IS EVERYTHING CHEMISTRY" said another player who barely scraped by.

What does oxide mean?

So if your chemistry knowledge is failing you and you can't quite remember what 'oxide' means, here is a helpful reminder.

Oxide is defined in the Cambridge dictionary as, 'a chemical combination of oxygen and one other element.' An example of this could be an iron oxide, or an oxide of iron. 

For players who didn't solve the word 'oxide' but are desperately trying to improve thier Wordle skills, there are a number of Wordle hacks that can help you get better at this tricky game. 

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