Why are flights being cancelled? BA and EasyJet cancellations explained

Flights are being cancelled across the UK and disrupting journeys, this is why it is happening and what it means for you

flights being cancelled
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Across the UK people are wondering 'why are flights being cancelled,' as various airlines have grounded flights and interrupted holidaymakers' journeys.

Travellers at airports across the UK have been disappointed as British Airways and EasyJet have cancelled their flights and left holidaymakers unable to reach their destination.

On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, BA cancelled 78 flights that were due to take off or land at Heathrow. On the same day, EasyJet cancelled 30 flights that were due to take off or land at Gatwick. But why is this happening? Here is what you need to know...


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Why are UK flights being cancelled?

Flights in the UK are being cancelled primarily because of staff shortages linked to the surge in cases of Covid-19. 

An EasyJet spokesperson announced, "As a result of the current high rates of Covid infections across Europe, like all businesses easyJet is experiencing higher than usual levels of employee sickness."

As the Easter holidays are currently taking place in the UK and there has been an easing of travel restrictions across the world, this surge in Covid-19 cases has come at a tricky time and has meant that there are not enough employees working to allow the flights to take place safely.

Following the pandemic, various jobs across the travel industry were lost, meaning that airports and airlines were already struggling with staff numbers before increased absences became an issue.

A British Airways spokesperson said, "Aviation has been one of the industries worst hit by the pandemic and airlines and airports are experiencing the same issues rebuilding their operations while managing the continuing impact of Covid."

They added, "so while the vast majority of our flights continue to operate as planned, as a precaution we've slightly reduced our schedule between now and the end of May as we ramp back up."

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What to do if your flight is cancelled

Most travellers who are dealing with delayed or cancelled flights should be able to find out before they arrive at the airport. 

Any airline should refund you if your flight has been cancelled. According to Citizen's Advice, the airline has a legal requirement to ensure that you are assisted when it comes to sorting out another flight. This means that you will not be stranded and unable to get home and should always be assisted by your Airline.

The best idea is to check with your specific airline and see what your options are when it comes to rebooking or refunding your flight.

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