How to cancel Amazon Prime: what you need to do in 4 simple steps

From a free trial to full membership, discovering how to cancel Amazon Prime couldn't be simpler

How to cancel amazon prime
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Whether you signed up for a free trial that’s approaching its end, or you’ve decided that Amazon Prime just isn’t quite right for you, how to cancel Amazon Prime subscriptions isn’t always obvious.

With so many added extras included, it can often be a struggle to find the right button. And with your card linked to your Amazon account it’s important to ensure you do everything right the first time.

Of course, with Amazon Prime Day giving you access to a huge range of exclusive deals, it might be useful to keep your subscription for a few more days to take advantage. Read our list of Prime Day tips to get the most out of this year's event.

So exactly how do you go about canceling your Amazon Prime?

How to cancel Amazon Prime

The process is actually far easier than you might think. How you cancel depends on your membership status - are you a paying member or on a free trial?

Cancelling a paid Amazon Prime membership

  • Login to your Amazon Prime Account page
  • Go to Manage, then click on Update, Cancel and More
  • Select End Membership
  • Finish by confirming your choice on the next screen

It's worth knowing that any paid members who have not placed an order using their Amazon Prime benefits are eligible for a full refund. And those who have only used the Amazon Prime delivery benefits may be eligible to receive a partial refund.

Cancelling an Amazon Prime Free Trial

If you have signed up to an Amazon Prime 30-day free trial then you are free to cancel this at anytime during this period to avoid it being automatically converted to paid Amazon Prime membership registration. To do this you:

  • Login to your Amazon Prime Account page
  • Go to Manage, then click on Update, Cancel and More
  • Then select End Trial and Benefits
  • Finish by confirming your choice on the next screen

You can then continue to enjoy your Amazon Prime benefits until the 30-day free trial period is over. After this point the registration will be automatically cancelled and your payment method won’t be charged.

It's important to note that, once you have signed up for a free trial once, you won't be able to do it again. So, if you plan on using Prime at another time, it might be worth hanging onto that subscription for a little while.

cancelling Amazon Prime

Forgetful? Use Amazon's reminder email service to help you remember to cancel your subscription

If you’re worried about missing the trial end date, don’t forget to request a reminder email. This can be set to come three days before the registration is renewed or converted. Set it up by:

  • Login to your Amazon Prime Account page
  • Click Manage your subscription, followed by update, cancel and more
  • Then click the box before the text ‘Send me a reminder before renewal’

How to reinstate your Amazon Prime membership

If you’ve cancelled your free trial but decided you can’t quite give up the convenience of Amazon Prime, then never fear.

You can continue enrolling to Amazon Prime after the end of the trial by changing these settings.

We wouldn't blame you, the Amazon Prime benefits are exceptionally useful.

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